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MTA - The Manufacturing Technologies Association

  • Promote the use of advanced technology.
  • Valuable services to help our members businesses.
  • Formed in 1919.
  • Support the advanced engineering sector.
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Sunday : 8:30 - 5:30

The Manufacturing Technologies Association

Welcome to MTA - The Manufacturing Technologies Association, our main focus is to help promote the use and innovation of advanced technology in the engineering based manufacturing industry and to provide valuable services to help our members businesses prosper.

We are a trade association based in the UK, we uniquely and specifically represent the engineering based manufacturing sector and are at the very core of it. We have almost 100 years of heritage being formed in 1919, all of our experience has been built upon to become a progressive, innovative and modern association, our members are very much the same all providing cutting edge technologies and fresh ideas form companies all across the world.

MTA is run by its members, they supply, design and create all of the major technologies, equipment and machinery essential for manufacturing everything from Mobile Phones to high precision Formula 1 Racing Cars, branching out as far as Space Shuttles.

The MTA's Key Activities:

  • We support the advanced engineering sector through networking, lobbying and media contact, we also represent engineering based manufacturing.

  • Providing intelligence relevant to specific industries.

  • Support for education initiatives and workplace training in Universities, Colleges and Schools is funded to encourage talent.

  • The UK's only dedicated Manufacturing Technologies exhibition is delivered , owned and organised by the MTA. The exhibition is known as MACH.

Become a part of the association today, membership is open to all companies that are involved in Engineering based Manufacturing, you will receive a range of benefits and access to all of our advice and support services.

Visit our website now to find out more.

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