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  • Inventor of the first Fully Electronic Press brake
  • The most User Friendly Windows based interface
  • Patented E-Bend L Blue Laser angle measurement system
  • Inventor of the first Fully Electronic Press brake
  • The most User Friendly Windows based interface
  • Patented E-Bend L Blue Laser angle measurement system
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SafanDarley UK

SafanDarley is a leading global specialist in developing and constructing press brakes and shears. SafanDarley is a leading company that covers all disciplines. From R&D and engineering to manufacture and assembly. SafanDarley has 2 production plants in the Netherlands, a head office and main factory in Lochem and a second manufacturing plant in Eijsden.

Flexible manufacturing of sheet-metal working machines
Innovation also plays an important role in our own production processes. We use the most sophisticated equipment and systems in a streamlined process with strict quality control. In doing so we apply the principles of ‘lean manufacturing’ to produce as flexibly as possible with minimum wastage.

The E-volution in sheet metal working
As the inventor of the servo-electronic press brake in 1995, SafanDarley brought about a veritable e-volution in sheet metal working. Not only because of superior electronic technology compared to traditional hydraulics, but also through innovative machine concepts, unique control systems and optimum production automation.

Research & Development in sheet metal working and handling
Continuous innovation is SafanDarley's core principle. Our innovative strength is directed at developing entirely new machines and systems, and at perfecting existing machines and accessories. The ingenuity of our R&D department covers all aspects of construction, control and software, and is combined with unique expertise in the fields of press-brake bending, cutting and automated sheet handling.

The E-Brake series is the widest range of fully Electronic press brakes on the market available with Pressing forces of 35Ton to 300Ton. E-Brake’s have Cycle times typically 30% Faster than Traditional machines, Have up to 50% lower energy costs and are almost maintenance free.

Dual Touch Screen Control
SafanDarley E-Control is the most User Friendly Windows based, Touch screen Graphic Control System with Dual screens and network card as standard. The second screen enables viewing of Offline and network systems with DWG, DXF, PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP & WMV files.

AutoPOL Offline programming and bending simulation software
AutoPOL is a state of the art 3D-system for programming press brakes offline. It can unfold 3D CAD models and the optional Batch & Remote functionality enables the automatic processing of multiple components automatically. It reduces programming costs significantly and reports the result of every step in the process.

Industry 4.0 Interface
Unique software package to create your own E-Control Dashboard. You personally choose the desired data from each machine to display in your dashboard. The dashboard works via machine-bound licence codes.

Sheet Thickness Measurement
E-Bend S sheet thickness measuring device can be mounted to the backgauge finger and measures the material thickness to within 0.01mm in under a second and automatically adjusts the machine to give the most accurate results.

Laser Angle Measurement
E-Bend L Blue, helps improve quality and reduce reject levels. This patented system uses two blue laser sensors, one each side of the table, to constantly monitor and correct the position of the Y axis based on the actual product angle. E-Bend L Blue guarantees a final product with high angle precision. If necessary, the system automatically adjusts the crowning axis, Y1-Y2 axis and compensates for spring-back. The Blue laser operates on the Ultra violet light spectrum ensuring the fastest most accurate measurements.

Bending Aids
It is often difficult for an operator(s) to handle Large or Heavy sheets and to maintain a high level of Accuracy and Productivity. The range of E-Mate Bending aids provide a simple and ergonomic solution. with models capable of handling sheets up to 200Kg and Bespoke versions are also available. The E-Mate(s) supports and follows the sheet during the entire bending process.

Press Brake Capacities up to 1250Ton
The SafanDarley H-Brake series has pressing forces up to 1250Ton. The H-Brake and also the Latest H-Brake Hybrid machines benefit from the same control systems and accessories as the E-Brake series and is also available with Tandem versions.

Robotic Press brakes since 1988.
SafanDarley has been manufacturing Robotic Press since 1988.

The SafanDarley R-Brake is a revolutionary bending cell concept based on the SafanDarley E-Brake Ultra press brake. In the SafanDarley R-Brake, the press brake and robot are integrated into one system. In addition to advantages, such as free floor area, the R-Brake can be equipped with an automated tool- and gripper-changing system.

E-Brake Mini Cell
SafanDarley has developed the compact E-Brake Mini Cell for the automatic production of small complex products. It has an optional automatic tool change function. This makes it possible to switch quickly between different products.

This E-Brake Mini Cell consists of the new E-Brake 35-1250 Premium servo-electrically controlled E-Brake and a FANUC M20iB25 industrial six-axis robot for handling sheet materials.

The robot picks up the material, it is referenced and placed in the press brake. The pickup of the flat sheet, referencing, bending and unloading onto a pallet(s) can be done by the robot within the cell.

The E-Brake Premium has a working width of 1250 mm. This allows multiple tool combinations to be placed side by side. This allows different bends to be made on one product. Also, multiple different products can be manufactured sequentially.

This new Fanuc robot has been chosen because it is the fastest of its kind with significant payload and range.
Optionally The robot of the R-Brake and Mini Cell can automatically change gripper and Tools.

Programs for the R-Brake and E-Brake Mini Cell can be created off-line using Robobend off-line simulation software. This means that all movements can be accurately simulated and programmed in advance.

Servo-Hydraulic Guillotine Shears
The SafanDarley M-Shear and B-Shear series of Servo-Hydraulic Guillotine Shears have many advantages over traditional Guillotines.

Available with capacities from 2050mm x 4mm up to 4300mm x 16mm.

They have a full Touch screen CNC control with 3 programming levels. The M-Shear and B-Shear have automatic Blade gap and cutting angle adjustment.

They use only 22 litres of oil, Have dramatically lower running and maintenance costs and the highest level of accuracy. They are also very quiet in operation and there is a range of handling and stacking systems also available.

Options are available for scratch free processing of delicate materials.

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  • SafanDarley launches new app 06 Jan 2021

    The renewed SafanDarley app is live. The new app has a modern look, works very fast and has a number of new functions, such as the option to send the results to your own email address.

  • 25 years of sustainable success 20 Oct 2020

    In 2020 it will be 25 years since SafanDarley launched the first electric press brake on the market.

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