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  • 80% of visitors are
    decision makers
  • The highest advertiser to visitor
    ratio of any B2B
    platform in the UK
  • iTraka performance
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Who uses Businessmagnet?

As the preferred b2b digital media platform, Businessmagnet is used by decision makers and purchasing influencers throughout industry and business sectors.

Over 81% of Businessmagnet’s visitors are located in the UK with a further 5% describing themselves as European and 13% as International.

  • 81%visitors from the UK
  • 80%decision makers
  • 52%from search engines

User profile

  • Purchasers 4%
  • Marketing 9%
  • Research 12%
  • Proprietors 13%
  • Directors 20%
  • Managers 22%
  • General users 20%

How visitors find us

  • Publication 9%
  • Repeat Visitors 19%
  • Recommendations 20%
  • Search Engines 52%


Viewed by more visitors per advertiser than any other Business-to-Business digital media platform in the UK, Businessmagnet boasts superb user profiles and a very high level of visitors – an excellent combination that lays the perfect foundation for the b2b advertiser.

Over 2.5 million

Businessmagnet recognise that a large audience does not always lead to success, equally important is that of visitor quality.

Our statistics demonstrate that Businessmagnet is a very viable way to promote your products and services to the UK’s business to business buyers.

Calculating website usage

Our statistics have been filtered to remove robotic activity.

Our dedicated software ensures that only human user activity is recorded to compile this data, enabling us to provide reliable reporting of our monthly page impressions.

Calculating website usage

Page Impressions

Here at Businessmagnet we use page impressions to record and verify our website traffic.

Page Impressions refer to the number of times a webpage has been requested by the server.

Page Impressions

Avoid being misled by other terms


A fuzzy term meaning the number of times a web server has been “hit” by a request for a webpage or a graphic image. Since perhaps 5 out 6 “hits” are for graphic images, the number of “hits” can be grossly misleading.


A visitor is what it says it is, one person visiting a website at any given time. Normally one visitor would be counted as a person visiting a website and not returning to that same website for at least 30 minutes. The problem with visits is it doesn’t really give any indication as to what the visitor is actually doing on a website.

Lets take a website with 100 pages that has also recorded twelve visitors. Ok, so we know there were twelve visitors, but what did they see? did they look at seven pages on average or five?. We don’t know, perhaps they all arrived, looked at the home page and left.

PAGE IMPRESSIONS rectifies this situation giving a precise figure of actual content viewed.


Performance monitoring

Now you can monitor and correlate each and every enquiry generated by your Businessmagnet listing. Our revolutionary and exclusive iTraka tool provides the most comprehensive response tracking capability offered by any Media Platform.

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