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The Advanced offers extended benefits and features that will really start to ratchet up your levels of enquiries, exposure and profile including the opportunity to tap into your social link activity.

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Fully adjustable opening hours

We don’t all do 9 to 5, Monday to Friday - so this key feature allows you to display your opening hours to your potential customers.

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1000 words to describe your business

It isn’t surprising to know that your potential customers will be interested in what you have to say about your business. With Businessmagnet you will receive a uniquely written description by one of our UK copywriters for your approval.

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This is the narrative that is going to describe and communicate what your business has to offer, its products and unique selling points.

Up to 10 photo album uploads

A picture tells a thousand words, and this feature is your opportunity to show in image form your key product lines or showcase new ones.

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20 publishable reviews

Get a 5 star listing, by publishing up to 20 reviews and testimonials you receive via your website, email or through your Businessmagnet advert.

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Add up to 250 keywords

250 keywords with
priority position

Keywords are the terms you wish to be found for within Businessmagnet. Each one represents a Product and Service page in which as a paying customer you take a priority position on the page.

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10 press release uploads

Uploading your press releases will create further PR exposure and will enhance your adverts content value.

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2 Events & Shows uploads

Spread the word and communicate to your customers and prospects the events and shows you will be attending.

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Display your company logo

Your logo is a dominant feature of your advert, displayed in a prominent position including a direct click through link to your website. Your logo is also displayed in your priority position box within the search results to maximize your brand’s visibility.

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Customisable features

The customisable features are four highlighted features of your choice that best sell your business and help you stand out from your competitors.

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Key contacts

Make yourself more accessible by putting names to the roles and if you wish even add photos and links to social media sites.

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Link to your social
network pages

Social linking is a key element to today’s communication, marketing and networking. You can add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus Pages and, if you trade through them, Amazon and Ebay shops.

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Professionally designed ad

Our in house technical team will design your advert to reflect your company brand and image and effectively communicate your product and services.

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*Based on development, design, copywritting and implementation and associated display and hosting of media.