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  • Eldapoint Ltd, have been working with Businessmagnet for many years. Our account manager Ashley is attentive to our account and understands the needs of our business model. In my opinion, the cost is very reasonable/competitive taking into account what we can receive back from potential customer enquiries. In all we are happy to be associated with Businessmagnet.
    Eldapoint Ltd
  • West Pennine Storage Equipment have used Business Magnet for 2 years, we consider it a key part of our overall marketing strategy, giving us a strong secondary presence in our target markets, alongside our own website. We can see that with the help of Ashley the content of our adverts, has consistently improved as well as the number of visitors finding us using the Business Magnet platform; we are also happy with the frequency of site updates that Business Magnet provides. Ashley is our key account manager and we receive excellent services with all request acted on immediately, and at a very competitive price.
    West Pennine Storage Equipment Ltd
    Colin Evans
  • TFC have been working with Business Magnet for a number of years, during that time TFC has received good service, with speed and efficiency, along with a good ROI. I can confidently attest that Michael, our Customer Liaison Manager, is highly efficient and professional, he is a credit to Businessmagnet. In addition I would recommend Businessmagnet to any business
    TFC Ltd
    Debbie Tyson
  • We have been very pleased with the customer service from Ashley at Business Magnet and it has been very good value for money. I would definitely recommend them.
    Interplex Select Moulds Ltd
    Simon C
  • Wee Print have been advertising with Business Magnet for a few years now, since starting we noticed a significant increase in visitors to our site and generally enquiries. The customer service is second to none with Ashley always there to speak to. Business Magnet work to a high standard with different packages depending on your budget, there is no reason not to advertise with them.
    Wee Print Ltd
  • Since joining Businessmagnet in June 2012 I have found the service provided to be excellent. My account manager Justin found my details listed with another very well known online UK B2B directory that I was investing with and demonstrated how their services compared and how they would match our requirements. After a little deliberation I chose to give them a chance and went on to spend the same amount with them that I was spending with the other directory. Within a matter of weeks Businessmagnet managed to achieve page 1 coverage in Google under our main search phrases through the campaign. Several years down the line they are still maintaining this coverage whereas the competition has dropped off the search engines completely. My account manager Justin keeps regular contact regarding updates and any recommendations re: improving how our campaign is working. Needless to say I have no hesitation in recommending Businessmagnet as your company’s directory.
    C Rayment Ltd
  • Having worked with Business Magnet for many years we can confidently attest to the exceptional ROI that the platform delivers. We consistently receive relevant referrals from the website, and as such, we believe Business Magnet represents excellent value for money when compared to many other Business Directories. Our Account Manager Justin provides exceptional support and customer service. Highly recommended.
    Rencol Components Ltd
    Mr Joyner
  • Over the years we have worked with several business directories, but none have been as helpful and caring as Businessmagnet. On numerous occasions they have provided detailed guidance on advertising content to achieve the best response from our marketing efforts. I found the accounts manager I deal with at Businessmagnet to be extremely knowledgeable, always available when I need to discuss something, and truly involved in making sure we continue to get the most out of our investment. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Businessmagnet to others.
    Cranage EMC & Safety
    Keith Richens
  • A quick message to say we are very happy with the service provided by Businessmagnet, we find it performs better than expected when compared to some of your rivals and are pleasantly surprised with the results we are receiving. Having a dedicated account manager is also very helpful and informative, I would recommend Businessmagnet to others.
    Hall & Botterill
    Cathy Paterson
  • The layout of the Businessmagnet site is clear and easy for users to follow and the linking supports our website. Most importantly, Businessmagnet has delivered the highest number of referrals of any site I have ever worked with.
    Cranville Wine Racks
    Kevin Farrington
  • After one year with BusinessMagnet we are really impressed with the result, our account manager has been helpful and supportive at every stage and we look forward to working closely with Business Magnet for many years.
    Darfen Durafencing
    Matthew Mann
  • We are pleased to confirm our advertising in Businessmagnet for yet another year.

    Our presence in the directory is a vital part of our marketing strategy and the number of leads it has generated year on year has proven Businessmagnet to be a very successful and cost effective sales tool.

    Ellen Rose is a particularly pleasant and most able adviser, always keen to understand our business and to provide us with affordable advertising that works for us.
    Linian Crane & Hoist Company
    Ian Watson
  • Businessmagnet is one of our best performing search engines. I would recommend using Businessmagnet to gain exposure for your business
    S Jones Containers Ltd
    Emma Hodgson
  • Successful online marketing and inbound enquiries are vital to the success of our business. Since we joined Businessmagnet 3 years ago, they have remained our top source of website referrals throughout. We recently added Magnet Links to our package and thanks to the help and advice of our Account Manager, these are delivering great results on Google. Businessmagnet is a really cost effective option for us and has contributed to the growth of the business. As a small business, time is a precious commodity and having a proactive Account Manager who calls regularly and ensures our advertising is up to date and continues to work well is a massive help.

    As far as Microdex is concerned, Businessmagnet knocks spots off other directories!
    Rob Weekly
  • Having used Business Magnet for almost ten years I have no hesitation in recommending this company along with Michael Whitehouse who has shown a keen interest in helping us to grow and maintain our business. Thanks for your great service!
    Adrian Bond
  • We are happy clients of business magnet having been with the directory for over 2 years now. I see it as a valuable component of our internet marketing mix. From initial call through page design up to renewal I have always received excellent and knowledgeable service and advice from Ian who is in contact regularly and not just at renewal time.

    The advert has generated a high level of B2B sales and product enquiries, which has been a contributing factor in our move to larger premises and a large increase in turnover in 2014.

    Excellent integration of analytics lets me see at a glance click through calls and more. I have deemed Business magnet so successful for us I have increased spending by 50% this year and I am happy with the early results from this in 2015.

    I recommend it as an excellent marketing solution to target B2B in the UK.

    Solent Plastics
    James Butcher
  • Since I joined in August 2012, Businessmagnet has provided a superb service both in terms of website traffic, new business enquiries and also customer service from my account manager Justin. He has always kept in regular contact with me, updating me of the performance of my campaign and also any new features which Businessmagnet have released which could benefit me. I have been advertising with another very well known online UK B2B directory for some time but ever since I joined Businessmagnet I noticed a massive upturn in traffic. In fact, my Businessmagnet campaign has been outperforming the other campaign by six times! I upgraded my campaign in 2013 and noticed another rise in website traffic and enquiries and I have again upgraded my campaign in 2014 and expect to see a further increase. I would strongly recommend Businessmagnet to any UK business looking to promote themselves and generate new business enquiries from the internet. The service really is superb and I have been thoroughly satisfied with how they have managed my account

    WMF uk Ltd
    Daniel Perkins
  • I was sceptical at first, we took out a small listing for 6 month, they threw in a product banner or two to show what could happen. Sure enough in that time we started to receive noticeable amounts of traffic from their site.

    We took the opportunity to expand our profile page to make the most of our listing. Two years down the line we’re still here, now with two listings, and over 50% of our web traffic comes from a Businessmagnet. we receive traffic statistics from our website host, the stats Business Magnet send me each month tie up exactly with my host.

    PFS (Helston) Ltd
    Oliver Bywaters
  • I thought we had comprehensively covered all possible search terms for our products when we started what has been a fantastically successful web campaign 8 weeks ago...well, I had missed a niche search term for a new product we have been looking to start manufacturing and supplying. Businessmagnet added that term to our campaign 48 hours ago and this morning we received a very large order indeed with profits covering over 4 years advertising with yourselves. Thanks very much Mitch, very pleased with the services from Businessmagnet.

    Elite Precast Concrete Limited
    Richard Doody
  • Gemma Lighting uses a number of web directories to increase traffic to our website. Over the last 2 years I have monitored the performance of each advert to ensure value for money and I would like to share the findings with you. Typically the Business Magnet advertising provides us with 3 times more enquires than the other web directories we use which is excellent! So thank you all at Business Magnet for providing me with an advertising package that actually does work, and long may it continue. I would have no hesitation in recommending any one to use your business directory.
    Gemma Lighting Limited
    Craig Manuel
  • No doubt about it our Businessmagnet adverts have played a major part in the growth of our business, turnover and profits. Since 2007 we have added to our package and renewed with out a second thought knowing our advert will deliverer genuine sales enquires year after year out performing other directory adverts we have wasted our hard earned money on in the past. Our tailored package targets the search terms potential customers are actually using to find the services our industry supplies providing a real presence in the mix with our competitors on the search engine results page where it counts. We would not hesitate to recommend Businessmagnet to businesses in any industry looking to generate more enquiries and inevitable sales.
    Pro-Drain Limited
  • Businessmagnet have provided excellent value for money compared to other directories on the internet and analytic results since joining have proved what an excellent service they provide. Since joining we are spending half the amount of that with a competing directory and are gaining more referrals to our website with Businessmagnet. Our profile was designed and online in a fast and professional manner, replicating our website to create an excellent visual advert. The Account Manager has been there from the start to help improve the advert and gain further referrals to our site. Businessmagnet is a great site and it's not just good value for money, it beats the competition in all areas.

    Power Electrics (Bristol Limited)
    Leigh Griffiths
  • Victor Lighting were originally interested in incorporating a new web optimisation tool as we were finding that Google Adwords were proving to be very expensive on a ppc scheme; with Business Magnet we received a standard one off fee which allowed us to have greater search terms, and product features with close-up images. Our account manager is very helpful and does not over complicate the services that Business Magnet offer with jargon and we receive monthly reviews on how we have performed on the directory and search engines. Victor Lighting would recommend Business Magnet as a web optimisation tool to any other company - simple to setup and easy to understand. Business Magnet have been a beneficial asset to raising the profile of Victor Lighting and our listings in the major search engines have increased tenfold and although they did take a slight dip over the festive period, the activity of our website has increased each month since then.
    Victor Lighting
    Sarah Davidson
  • Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the results we have achieved since starting with Business Magnet. Not only has our enquiry level risen steadily but the quality of enquiry has improved dramatically and we now speak to the decision maker on most occasions. We are also grateful for the service offered by you personally, and feel we are very well briefed as to the performance of our advert and the possible benefits of new links. We had over 300 people look at our advert on Business Magnet in January and I feel that we could not have achieved this anywhere else. As a company we will definitely look at replacing some under achieving companies with more links to Business Magnet when renewal time arrives. Many Thanks.
    Mezzanine Floors (Leeds) Limited
    David Tiffin
  • I have had 5 enquiries over the last couple of days and I know, (because we do ask potential new customers) that these enquires have come in as a result of your service to us. I thank you for your hard work completed up to this stage and would like you to forward this onto your manager. Ian has done a great job for me personally, although our website does ok on its own merits we do monitor internet traffic via our own control panel and note that we have had many visits via your referrer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Businessmagnet to other companies. I may well move more your way during the year when my lesser performing adverts expire with your competitors. Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Vaplas Limited
    Tony Winter
  • Since upgrading my contract with Business Magnets I have received more telephone calls and internet activity resulting in more orders for my business. To put this into context the month of July saw me take the most orders since I took over the business in April and I quadrupled my takings for orders. This proves that the link on Business Magnets works and is increasing my customer activity.
    Magnetize 2 Advertise
    Adele Dolby
  • Just a quick note to say how happy we are with the way that Businessmagnet is performing for us. Our advert achieves the best results out of all of our directory advertising and gains us very good search engine rankings on the top pages under all our search terms.
    AA Catering Disposables
    Anne-Marie Bateson
  • Having now been "on board" with Business Magnet for just under a month, I thought you might be interested in my initial reaction to the directory. Firstly, I was very impressed with your speed and efficiency in getting our advertisement to go "live" and I feel that it looks professional and has good visual impact. Of more importance to us, however, are the results in terms of optimising search results and directing potential customers to our website. Having just done a test of various search phrases, and not really expecting to see results at this early stage, I was impressed to find that not only are our Magnet Links coming up on the first page of searches, but also various other phrases are having very good results within the directory. You are already clearly out-performing your competitors, who we have been signed up with for many years, and are spending considerably more with; as I said, it is very early days, but at this stage I would say that, in the longer term, we will be looking to increase our advertising with you, which will be very much to their detriment!
    Wilson Process Systems
    Nick Jones
  • Since using Business Magnet to promote our web site the traffic to our site has increased due to their excellent coverage across the search engines. We recently decided to upgrade our advertising package to something more substantial, since doing this we have already noticed a steady influx of enquiries coming directly from the advert. Omega Laser services would like to take this opportunity to thank Ian and the Business Magnet Team for their expert advice and prompt professional service.
    Omega Laser Services
  • I am extremely happy with both the service I receive from Business Magnet and from Michael Whitehouse who has been patient and helpful in taking the time to advise us how best to set up our directory listing. I am looking forward to the increased traffic this will bring. I was over the moon to find we are listed on page one less than a week after registering with Business Magnet for one of our most competitive products. I would certainly recommend them as a method of promoting your company, products and services.
    AMP Wire
    Pam Pelham
  • I would like to thank you for the care and attention that you have bought to managing our advert with Businessmagnet. Since you started dealing with us in September 2007 the advert has generated a lot more traffic into our website and more enquiries coming into our business each month. Although sometimes difficult to prove exactly where the enquiries come from I know this advert has bought in some good leads from September 2007 when the advert started to present day. The enthusiasm and effort that you have put into to ensuring our Advert works to our best advantage is impressive.
    FH Brundle
    Richard Brundle
  • When first taking out an advert with Businessmagnet I was slightly sceptical, due to not knowing much about them at all, but after speaking to Ian and going through all the details of how the directory works and the type of presence within the directory and the search engines we were going to receive, both my self and my colleagues agreed to a small advertising package back in July 2007. The advert seemed to be working well for us and in December 2007 after talking it all through with Ian we decided to upgrade the advertising package to something more substantial, since doing this we have noticed a good steady influx of enquiries coming directly from the advert in Businessmagnet and it has only been live for around 5 to 6 weeks. So thank you Ian and the rest of the team at Businessmagnet. I would highly recommend Businessmagnet to any one that would like to gain more enquiries into the business each month / year.
    Mr Box Limited
    Jane Billing
  • Dear Ian and the Businessmagnet team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for setting up an advert that has proven to be a very good source of gaining extra enquiries into our business. I have also noticed that we have gained excellent presence in the search engines under the Magnet links sold to us in our advertising package, and even noticed that our own website has now increased traffic from when the advert first went live last year. So far this advert has out performed all the other directories we have used in the past and long may this continue. So thank you very much Ian and all the guys at Businessmagnet.
    Opus 4 Logistics
    Andrew Jackson
  • Datalogic Scanning has worked closely with Businessmagnet throughout 2007 in order to raise the company's profile on the Web. Month on month we have seen a steady increase in visitors to our Businessmagnet listing, which in turn drives traffic to our corporate website, encourages prospects to call, or contact us by email. Businessmagnet has also helped us get the most from industry specific key search terms. Gradually we have seen Datalogic pushed to the top of organic search engine listings, and in response have received some excellent leads. Businessmagnet's Tony Davis, our Account Manager, has also been extremely helpful, friendly and responsive to our needs.
    Datalogic Scanning Limited
    Charlie Trumpess
  • I had spent a small fortune with other well known directories prior to my adverting with Businessmagnet. The response since using Businessmagnet has been roughly double and somehow the enquiries seem to be more relevant to the products that are offered.
    Stormcut Limited
    Michael Storm
  • After speaking with Tony at Businessmagnet, our objectives in obtaining more traffic to our website had become clearer. The solutions Businessmagnet had to offer seemed very effective from the professional demonstration I was given. I am pleased to report that since our advert has gone live we have been receiving new valuable traffic to our website from Businessmagnet. To sum up, Businessmagnet is a business that understands our objectives, offers and excellent product and a friendly service.
    Rapid Racking
    Alec McCutcheon
  • Dear Businessmagnet, Always the sceptical one about online advertising promises, I threw up my barriers when I received an introductory call from Michael at Businessmagnet. After being persuaded to have a thorough look at the Businessmagnet Directory my feelings were starting to change somewhat. I believe the Businessmagnet Directory to be one of the most clear and user friendly I have used. The advertising proposal put forward was sound and the package tailored to fit our requirements. The speed our advert was put together was very refreshing indeed and now we have another excellent source of new business enquiries to compliment. Thank you Businessmagnet.
    Power Electrics (Bristol Limited)
    Sharon Cook
  • We have now been with Businessmagnet for nearly a year and are very happy with the service provided. At Autopa we compare online advertising closely and the click through rate from Businessmagnet has now over taken both of the other two large B2B directories. We have three Magnet links which are working very well, all of which are currently achieving a minimum top 11 position worldwide on the search engines. The top performer being number 1 (of over 1.6million results). We are very pleased with these results because these are phrases we have chosen specifically because of the trouble we have had getting them ranked on the search engines in the past through our own efforts.
    Autopa Limited
    Victoria Taylor
  • Thought it time I sent you a note regarding the tremendous response I have been receiving via Businessmagnet. Quality leads have been the order of the day and time spent chasing vaguely interested customers are a distant memory. So thanks for the intro telephone call 18 months ago and I look forward to discussing the future contract shortly.
    Ian Pickles
  • Having used other on-line business directories over the last 5 years, and been generally disappointed with the level of service, we decided to give Businessmagnet the opportunity to improve our on-line business. Whereas in the past we would have struggled to generate worthwhile on-line enquiries, now, through the efforts of Businessmagnet, we are receiving regular enquiries, allowing us the opportunity to grow our business to the level projected without the need to employ extra in-house sales staff. Well done Businessmagnet, keep up the good work!
    Cotsworld Plastics
    Dave & Paul
  • We have only been with Business Magnet for three weeks and already we are receiving 3 calls a day. I can only say that I am amazed. You delivered exactly what you said that you would and to be honest I was a bit sceptical about your claims, but I have to take my hat off to you and the company. Thank you and well done, keep up the good work.
    Oliveti Cubicles
    Gian Oliveti
  • I am just writing to tell you how very impressed I am with Businessmagnet. As a new start up business in a very competitive environment we could not have been happier in spending our somewhat limited budget with your directory. I can genuinely say that we have had sales as a result of advertising with Businessmagnet. Well done and thanks for the attention that you give to our account.
    The Pump Company Limited
    Peter Stadon
  • Dear Business Magnet, Thank you for your professional work in organising our directory listings. The banner works very well too. We have confidence that we are dealing with a trustworthy company and that means a lot these days. A value for money service Thanks again Business Magnet.
    David Day
  • Dear Businessmagnet, I would like to say a big thank you for all the effort you have put in with our listings. Over recent years we have spent thousands of pounds marketing our company both on and off-line. As a company we verify as best we can, where our incoming calls come from. The results are 80% of what we get, comes from the internet. The internet covers many forms of advertising for Truck n Trolley that encompass banner advertising, keywords, directory listings and magnet links. The "Magnet Links" from Businessmagnet offer the best value for money for any keyword based advertisement. The performance speaks for it's self, select the right word or phrase relevant to your business, the enquiries will follow. We were so pleased with the results for Truck n Trolley, we decided to add another two companies from our group. They too are noticing and increased level of activity. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone (except our competitors!) Renewal for us is a no brainer!!
    Truck 'n' Trolley
    John Rowley
  • Thought I'd mention how pleased I am with the performance of your directory. I have definitely seen an Increase in sales enquiries since signing up. We are definitely going to be further increasing our profile with you over the coming months.
    Electropress Limited
    Jimmy Dainty
  • Having spent a significant amount of time and money developing a website to promote my new business I was keen to ensure that it was visible to my intended target market. Just having the site on the internet doesn't mean that potential clients are going to see it. I have to say I was attracted to Business Magnet primarily because of their excellent rates but also because they were offering a package of products and services that would have cost 3 times as much through some of the longer established B2B engines. The number of contacts is steadily increasing but it is the quality of the enquiries from prestigious local, national and international organisations that really impresses. My company is already very high up the search results when searching through the likes of Google or MSN for products in my market sector and geographical area and as time goes on it will get better and better. The people at Business Magnet have done an excellent job for me and my business. They are great people to deal with and quick to respond to queries, changes and updates to the site. I can thoroughly recommend them. As a Yorkshireman I like to see what I'm getting for my money. I can see that this investment is going to pay off.
    Cooper Hydro-Dynamics Limited
  • Businessmagnet have provided excellent value for money compared to other directories on the internet and analytic results since joining have proved what an excellent service they provide. Since joining we are spending half the amount of that with a competing directory and are gaining more referrals to our website with Businessmagnet. Our profile was designed and online in a fast and professional manner, replicating our website to create an excellent visual advert. The Account Manager has been there from the start to help improve the advert and gain further referrals to our site. Businessmagnet is a great site and it's not just good value for money, it beats the competition in all areas.
    Power Electrics (Bristol Limited)
    Leigh Griffiths
  • I would just like to comment on the outstanding service you and your team have provided to me and my company,I was a little apprehensive at the level of service you would be providing but within a very short space of time (2 weeks) you have exceeded your promise.No doubt as we continue to grow we will most certainly be investing more funds with your company because IT WORKS (exactly as we were promised). We of course will be using you for all our future orders and would not hesitate in recommending you.
    Custom Tape
    Tony Abram
  • I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say how impressed I am with the advertising package I have with yourselves. I signed up for 2 magnet links and an enhanced listing plus, which I was advised by your account manager as the best option for our business. As a result of our advert, we have more than recouped our initial outlay in under 3 weeks from signing up I might add! This is from a new customer which will be ordering more from us in the near future. We are now busier than we have been in the last 5 years. I would recommend Businessmagnet to anyone who has doubts about advertising on the internet.
    Emerald Engineering
    Gerald Balk
  • As a medium sized company we spend a fair amount on advertising each year with companies like Businessmagnet, but up until now we haven't received the kind of service or value for money we would expect, since advertising with Businessmagnet we have received a fast and professional service with regards to banner construction and set up, and even more importantly good enquiries!
    Power Electrics (Bristol Limited)
    Richard Hayward
  • Businessmagnet have provided excellent value for money compared to other directories on the internet and analytic results since joining have proved what an excellent service they provide. Since joining we are spending half the amount of that with a competing directory and are gaining more referrals to our website with Businessmagnet. Our profile was designed and online in a fast and professional manner, replicating our website to create an excellent visual advert. The Account Manager has been there from the start to help improve the advert and gain further referrals to our site. Businessmagnet is a great site and it's not just good value for money, it beats the competition in all areas.
    Fibreglass UK Limited
    Leigh Griffiths
  • Although we have only had an enhanced listing on Businessmagnet for a short time, we have been very satisfied with the increased amount of traffic to our website, and subsequent sales enquiries.
    Pointer Limited
    Andrew Kirby
  • If you are looking to promote your company or products using the internet, search engines will come up in most discussions. When our advert with Businessmagnet was due for renewal, it come up in the conversation, but this time backed up with a knowledge second to none. I was told of a new service which could elevate some of our products high in the search rankings as well as obtaining great exposure on the Businessmagnet site itself. I understood that no guarantees could be offered as to placement...but I am very pleased with the results! We Chose 5 Magnet Links all Compressor related and most now appear no1 in search engines the others very near to it. I would definitely recommend Businessmagnet to those seeking this or a similar route to product exposure.
    Central Compressor Services
    Martin Free
  • Over a month ago I set up an advertising package with Businessmagnet. I was with two other online directories at the time which didn't seem to be performing. I was told by a fellow company owner to try Businessmagnet, I was a bit hesitant as I was already spending plenty with the other two. But, you have to speculate to accumulate and to be honest their advertising rates were very reasonable and the website looks great. So more than 1 month on, lots of enquiries from Businessmagnet and not a great deal from the others, one of which I have now decided not to renew as it was bringing in about 1 enquiry to every 10 of Businessmagnet. To sum up, great service, friendly staff, good prices.
    A&I Trading
    Andrew Begg
  • For the many years that we have been working with Businessmagnet, they have always proven to be at the forefront of online B2B marketing – with excellent referral results and return on investment. Our Account Manager, Justin Gutteridge, goes above and beyond to offer professional advice and support, and if we ever have a question about our profile or online marketing in general, we know we can trust his judgement. In a marketplace where most try to swindle your money with no results, the honest and integrity with which Businessmagnet treats its clients is completely refreshing, and with results to match we would recommend them to any company looking to join a B2B online marketplace.

    Applied Vibration Ltd
    Laura Wilkes
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to say what a pleasure it is to deal with Business Magnet. Once again this year on the renewal of our listing you have offered us a package that suits our needs and Google Analytics has borne out the success of your directory’s performance against other directories we use. You are currently number 1 in our directory lead performance table. Overall we are truly delighted with what Business Magnet has been able to do for us and we would heartily recommend your services. With our increased coverage this coming year we are looking to build on the growth in leads that we have enjoyed in previous years. Good work, keep it up and a special thanks to Ashley for once again your professionalism and making the renewal procedure so easy.
    Arnold Plastics
    Kavin Hackett
  • A quick message to say we have been advertising with Business Magnet for a few years now, and are extremely pleased with the results. The layout of our advertisement is great, and Ashley our account manager is extremely helpful and supportive. We have had a number of enquiries thanks to Business Magnet and would not hesitate to recommend to other companies. Many thanks!
    Weldbank Plastic Co Ltd
    Sarah Brierley
  • We have advertised with Businessmagnet for a number of years now and seen a significant amount of enquiries coming through that has increased year on year. Ashley has always been there to help and assist and is one of the reasons why we renew every year. I simply can't fault them or there service - its first class!
    Cobalt Conveyors Ltd
    Simon Turner
  • Ashley Hendry, our Account Manager, made the transition to Business Magnet seamless, providing support and guidance during each stage of this process and reacting to our requests speedily. We have already seen an improvement in search rankings on keywords and referrals to our website – it is proving useful in promoting some of our non-core but important machinery to the market. It has been refreshing to deal with a company and contact that has the interests and development of their clients at the heart of their business strategy, by providing an evolving and appropriate package of products with sincere customer service.
    Barwell Global Ltd
    Chris Atkinson
  • I have been pleasantly surprised with the exposure the campaign has generated. We have tried different online marketing platforms in the past with no success but Businessmagnet has thankfully bucked the trend! My account manager Justin provides us with unbiased and consultative account management which has really helped me gain a better understanding of SEO and online marketing in general. I would highly recommend Businessmagnet to any B2B company looking to market themselves.
    Cut Profiles Limited
  • We have been with Business Magnet for several years now and can vouch for the quality of the advertising offered and also the dedication shown by our account manager Ashley. As a small business trying to gain a foothold we have found the cost of Business Magnet competative and the advert clear, informative and packed with all the necessary information. The most important factor to us has been the quality of the customer service that has been given by Ashley. He has been attentive, helpful, consistent in his contact with us and more importantly, interested in us as a customer. If you are looking for clear advertising and regular, good quality customer service then Business Magnet is for you
    The Memorable Merchandise Co.
  • A quick note to thank you and Business magnet for helping Carter Pumps improve our online presence. In the ever-changing, fast paced cyber world it is reassuring to know that we can rely on partners such as yourselves to help get Carter Pumps found.

    Regular contact, and a gentle nudge to make certain beneficial changes to our online collateral, also helps!
    Carter Pumps
    Mark Sowden
  • When spending money on marketing it’s important to us to make sure we have good support and be able to access information to make sure listings are working.

    In my experience Business Magnet offers both in spades. Our account manager Ellen is always available if we need her and she’s very proactive in suggesting changes ad updates to the listing to keep them effective and fresh. In a busy office that’s just the support we need.
    Signs Made Easy
    Kerron Hughes
  • Midland Metrology have been advertising with Business Magnet for about three years. We find them to be a professional company, and are always making suggestions to improve our exposure in the market place.
    Their links and analysis are also very informative.
    Midland Metrology
    Bob Coles
  • We are relatively new to Businessmagnet, however, since being on the directory we have noticed a significant increase in enquiries, some from well known company names! Because we are a small company and now are really busy, there is less time to devote to marketing but Businessmagnet are very proactive and easy to deal with. Setting up the ad was a simple process and our account manager did as much as possible to save us time and effort.

    Investing in Businessmagnet has proved to be a good business decision already.
    Leeds Plastic Engineering
    Gareth Baker
  • As I run my own business and am always extremely busy I need a company that can manage my advertising for me, any updates etc, and someone just keeping an eye for me. Businessmagnet does just that ... Justin Gutteridge to be precise!

    I find his experience invaluable, and he is always looking at ways for my company to stand out from the crowd. Customer service is always A1 .. and so is the price .. extremely competitive against other companies, friendly, professional and totally reliable. Plus due to being so busy I can totally trust that Justin is my eyes when it comes to my advertising, and also advising and helping with my own website as well. I

     have tried other similar companies in the past but Businessmagnet ticks all my boxes! we have a really good working relationship and Justin has got to know my business and how Cholcroft works which is what you need to do when advertising it!

    Business has definitely got busier and also helps my Google rating too. Would I recommend Businessmagnet ... YES of course I would ... will I be advertising with them again ... OF COURSE I will ...

  • Thank you very much Ian for the work you and your colleagues have been doing for us over the past 7-8 years. Everything is working very well. The banners and the rest of the advertising package we have is generating an excellent level of enquiries, I am more than happy with what we have invested with you and the return that we are getting. In fact, we are now in the process of recruiting an extra member of staff to cope with the additional demand and influx of phone calls since upgrading our advertising contract with you again.

    We look forward to working with you for many more years to come.

    Zouch Converters
  • Dear Mitch,
    I would like to thank both you and the team for the work you guys have done. These entries are visually tremendous and have certainly made my day. Please pass on my comments to those involved.

    Klaw Products Ltd
    John White
  • Capital vending have been using Businessmagnet for a couple of years now and very pleased with the service provided. Compared to their rival companies, we feel Businessmagnet have offered us a first class service for value for money and would recommend to external colleagues. It has proven to be very successful for us and excellent value for money. We were originally advertising with another well known online B2B directory when we decided to give Businessmagnet a go, but once we saw how well Businessmagnet performed we decided not to renew our contract with the other directory and maintain our Businessmagnet listing. We certainly are run off our feet with the number of enquiries we are being given. Needless to say Businessmagnet was the right choice for us

    Capital Vending Ltd
    Lisa Mclean
  • Euro-Gas joined Businessmagnet in 2010 and we have really benefited from great results and conversion rates. In fact, due to outperforming competitive directories, we have decided to increase our 2011/12 advertising spend with Businessmagnet and cease using other business directories. Justin, our Business Manager, has been accommodating and highly efficient in directing us towards an effective package to meet our needs. We look forward to a successful 2012 with Businessmagnet playing an important role in our marketing strategy. Would Euro-Gas recommend Businessmagnet and the Team? Definitely.

    Euro-gas Management Services Limited
    Natasha Amner
  • We have been using Business Magnet's services since March 2007 and they have always maintained a first page presence on Google for our website. As a result of this we have enjoyed record numbers of enquiries from all over the world. For the money we spend I cannot imagine any other media activity coming anywhere close to this and am therefore very happy to recommend them. It is also worth mentioning the attentive service we receive from our account manager Ian Gibson who makes regular contact with us to assess performance and identify areas for potential improvement, it is very helpful and much appreciated.

    Freshbins UK Limited
    Glenn Welberry
  • The service received from Business Magnet has been excellent and the number of internet based leads we get has risen dramatically since we took an online marketing scheme out with them. Many of these leads have been much warmer due to the way our customers have had to provide more input to access either our own website or the details that BM provide, this in turn has lead to a higher conversion rate.

    Websters insulation Limited
    Blake Brumby
  • As Managing Director of Global Cutting Technologies, I have been aware, for many years now, of the value of internet based advertising and have invested heavily in this important area of advertising and promotion. I have used, and continue to use, numerous search engines and online directories in order to attract the significant number of enquiries we now enjoy which contribute to a high percentage of our turnover. Business Magnet is a more recent association for us, and I have been extremely impressed with everything they are doing for GCT. From initial registration to uploading of all our information, everything has been painless. Furthermore, everything is handled very promptly. We started to appear on the first page of various search engines very quickly and traffic to our website has certainly increased. It is good to deal with an outfit that is proficient, keen and competitive in this increasingly 'shark infested water' of the advertising world.

    Global Cutting technologies Limited
    Bob Cosford
  • At the beginning of December 2010 I placed my website on both Business Magnet & another well know online directory. Given that I paid approximately 3 times the amount for the other website than I did for BM it is clear that BM have provided me with a much better overall value for money or Return on Investment.

    HCL Fasteners Limited
    Peter Coles
  • We have been using the services of Business Magnet for the past few years now. To begin with, our marketing budget was quite small and we were reluctant. However, the account manager you assigned to us has been great! Besides increasing traffic to www.grippit.co.uk he has suggested additional marketing techniques that have all helped. This has been the best return on investment we have received from all of our online advertising. We look forward to continuing with this successful relationship for years to come.

    Grippit UK Limited
    Ryan Heyworth
  • WR Rack Solutions started using Businessmagnet last year to boost sales and I must say we are pleased with the results. We are kept up to date by our account manager and find the site easy to follow for our statistics. We get some very good enquiries from this method and find it good value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Businessmagnet to any body looking to boost sales for their company. Keep up the good work and well done Business Magnet!

    WR Rack Solutions Limited
    J D Robinson
  • We would like to say how impressed we are with our advertisement with Businessmagnet. It looks professional, is very informative and includes many pictures of our products. All of this was initially setup and organized by Ian Gibson and his team who have been extremely pleasant and helpful. He has kept in regular contact to keep us up to date with extra links etc that may be beneficial to our Company. It is also beneficial to know which enquiries have come via Businessmagnet so that we can see that it was money well spent!! Nice doing business with you Businessmagnet!!

    Martello Plastics Limited
    Nicky Philpott
  • Dear Businessmagnet, Firstly I would like this opportunity to thank you for setting up a very professional looking advert that has met all of my requirements, and reaches out in all the right areas I wanted to get across to customers when viewing my page. More importantly I would like to thank you for the following... The coverage that I gain in your business directory across all the main products and services that I do is great, and because of that I am gaining a good volume of enquiries from the advert each month. On top of the coverage within your directory, I am also gaining excellent presence within the search engines under the main Magnet links I purchased, which is doing wonders for my company and bringing in even more enquiries. I can safely say that since the advert went live I can see a high increase of traffic into my website, and from this a higher amount of good solid enquiries that are turning into good sales for my business. I would also like to thank you Ian for the personal touch you have given me from when the advert went live, unlike any other directory or advertising campaign I have done, in you I have an account manager that actually cares about how the advert is doing, how it can be improved and making sure that it is working to its full capacity always. I must admit this is new to me but I appreciate it. So thank you all at Businessmagnet for providing me with an advertising package that actually does work, and long may it continue. I would have no hesitation in recommending any one to use your business directory because all round it is a brilliant product.

    Defence Doors
    Shane Turrell
  • Dear Ian and Team, I would like to thank you for all the help and support over the last few months, we have recently upgraded our Business Magnet account and are very pleased with the results, we have seen our web clicks and email requests double since the upgrade! The service and support you provide is extremely helpful and professional and I would recommend anyone to use Business Magnet as a great return of investment.

    Tarkett Limited
    Rebecca Fowler
  • We are all very pleased with the support we have received from Business Magnet. In particular Ian Gibson has been very helpful and informative about the various offers available and what would be best suited to our company. Since using Business Magnet the number of hits to www.marmox.com has increased somewhat and I'm sure much of which has lead to sales. I am happy to recommend Business Magnet as a very good and cost effective form of advertising.

    Marmox UK Limited
    Grant Terry
  • We just wanted to write and thank you for all the help that you have given us in setting up our Business Magnet entry. As relative newcomers to the world of web directories we were somewhat wary of what we would be required to do in order to have a successful advertisement with you. The prospect of links and banners were all quite daunting and we rang you feeling as though we were going to be technically challenged! Yet when we actually talked to you you went through all the options with us and patiently advised us as to the best way to write and present our advertisement, select our keywords and magnet links. Not only that but your technical team designed us a banner that exactly met our requirements. We are really pleased with the end result. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to any new business starting to market on the internet. The whole process is easy -regardless of whether or not you have much experience with computers. We always felt totally in control of the situation and able to ask any question we wanted. We look forward to a long and profitable association with you. Thank you all.

    CS Shipping Containers
    Rosie Cubbin
  • We have made a few mistakes which your potential customers might find helpful. Firstly, you offer very good 'word' development support, you have also given us a lot of help with a "mini" internet site on your directory - We have not spent enough time with you to help us achieve the best from this - It is worth taking the trouble to learn more about what Business Magnet do for business development, I am sure we are missing out here! Anyone new to the market will undoubtedly do more with you than without you. In our experience a business needs to discover the language customers are using to search for them. This is what takes time and needs very careful planning, people need expert help to achieve good results - You receive a great deal of this help as part of the Business Magnet service. I would recommend them to any business for a very honest and affordable service which produces good results and in our experience outperforms their competitors.

    Engineered Solutions Limited
    Paul Casebourne
  • Just a message to thank you for your advice and help with our web activity. We have noticed a remarkable rise in enquiries and sales in the first six weeks of advertising with you. We have also noticed that we are reaching market places that we have traditionally found very difficult to get into. I can fully recommend your services and also the intelligent advice that you gave me when setting up the campaign.

    Northern Environmental
    Simon Doderer
  • While I had not heard of business magnet prior to them making contact, the results that I can see on my website analytics package show that they have out performed many of the larger competitors. The quality of the staff make them a very easy company to deal with, and I am also happy with the results in the search engine positions.

    Zaun Limited
    Dan Sullivan
  • Firstly I would like to thank you and the rest of the team at Businessmagnet for the swiftness of getting my advert up and running within your directory. The advert looks very professional, and since the advert has been up and running within your directory I have been kept very busy with enquiries each and every month. This brings me onto my next point, I was promised a good amount of enquiries from the directory (which is happening) I was also promised good positioning in the search engines once this advert was up and running (again this is also happing). So I would just like to say thank you for providing me with exactly what I was expecting, it is refreshing and very satisfying to actually get what you pay for, and at a very reasonable price. So in short thank you Ian and all at Businessmagnet, may the enquiries continue to flood in.

    Wallace School of Transport
    Ruth Wallace
  • I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Business Magnet. After only being with Business Magnet for four weeks and already we are receiving a stream of regular enquiries and the ranking for our target key words has improved dramatically. In addition, I would like to thank you for your professional, swift and efficient handling of setting up our advert/magnet links - our enhanced listing was live within 24hours of placing the order!! Many thanks again, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service to other businesses who want to raise their profile within their target audience.

    Opus Energy
    Kerry Poulter
  • Dear Businessmagnet, We are very pleased with the professional service from Businessmagnet, the package you recommended was ideal for our particular requirements and extremely good value. We were very impressed with the speed and efficiency in setting up our advertisement. We are confident that thanks to Businessmagnet our business will increase and put us ahead of our competitors.

    Galup Limited
    Peter Gulliver
  • Dear Michael Just to say how pleased we are with the service you and Businessmagnet have provided so far. It has been very professional and quick, having done exactly as asked, and we are already seeing positive enquiries and results on the search engines. Thank you very much, a pleasure to deal with you.

    Abbey Polythere Limited
    John Waight
  • The In Case Solutions website has been up and running for over five years now and realising that the internet is being used more widely, we have attempted to promote our site through various means, with mixed success. We have only been with Businessmagnet for a short while, but our advert and hence our presence on some search engines has risen dramatically, with subsequent increase in enquiries and traffic to our website. A search ranking of fifth out of 45,600,000 is not too bad, considering the global competition! In Case Solutions will be using The Businessmagnet Directory in our future advertising campaigns and would not hesitate in recommending them to others ( other than competitors naturally! ) looking for a stronger presence on the net.

    In Case Solutions
    Roy Stapleton
  • Since using Business Magnet to promote our website the traffic to our site has increased significantly due to Business Magnets excellent coverage across the search engines. This has enabled our company to increase turnover significantly and market more efficiently and cost effectively, Business magnet has also provided us with a good level of support during the campaign.

    Teslatest Systems
    Andy Burnett
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick email to extend my gratitude to the team at Business Magnet. Ideasbynet is an online business which can only thrive through attaining top place search engine listings. Our search engine specialists noticed over a period of time that businessmagnet was attaining consistently high placed listings under a range of industry sectors and we felt we had to give these boys a go. For a comparatively modest fee, when compared with adwords, businessmagnet has been able to fulfill its promise and not only provide additional top page listings but also to provide high quality traffic to our website which ultimately results in sales. There are few companies out there that can achieve top place listings and many pretend to do so but fail, businessmagnet stands out amongst all the competition as a professional and dedicated organization that really does deliver. What's more, unlike the competition, the links that are given back to your website are of high value due to the fact that they do not employ cloaking tactics to hide your url from the search engines... something which is always worth watching for as many directories deliberately employ such tactics to ensure they do not pass out any valuable page rank. In conclusion we will definitely be investing more of our budget with businessmagnet over the coming months and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our clients.

    Gareth Parkin
  • AK Rubber & Industrial Suppliers Limited have been striving to achieve a good presence on the internet for a few years now. Unaware of how it really all works, we have in the past enlisted in a number of directory services, some of the big names hoping for the best. Unfortunately I can't say I have ever been over the moon with any of these other directories. Well that was then, that was before I had a call from Michael at Businessmagnet. Everything was explained clearly, we weren't expected to understand all that was said and from the word go I was given confidence. After signing up for a package with businessmagnet I have experienced nothing but professionalism and efficiency from their team. Our enquiries have increased greatly, the presence we now have on the internet is fantastic. Any other directory doesn't even come close. Using our own in house monitoring to reconcile against Businessmagnets' iTraka, I can safely say that 9 out of 10 internet enquiries are as a result of our advert on Businessmagnet.

    AK Rubber & Industrial Suppliers Limited
    Andy Atkinson
  • I first became aware of Business Magnet when they kept popping up when I was searching the internet. As they were always near the top I thought that it would be worthwhile to list JSC Rotational Limited with them. It was really easy and the basic entry was free. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by the guys at Business Magnet who explained the benefits of the (enhanced) packages. We were about to launch our website in January and one of our objectives was to get a high rating in the search engines, something Business Magnet promised. We signed up and have been amazed by the results - within days we were on the first page and enquiries have flooded in. It's not often that a service provider fully fulfils their sales pitch but in this case Business Magnet did. A great service!

    JSC Rotational Limited
    Karen Drinkwater
  • I would just like to email this brief message of thanks to your company and Daniel, having found your directory on the internet it was a pleasure to use and after also deciding to advertise with you, I felt that I had to at least express my thanks in some way for the help and assistance you have given us.. In this day and age it was a pleasure to find a company that actually prides itself in its work and with staff that are friendly, helpful, replied to our enquiries promptly, and our listings were online in 24 hours. We are extremely impressed. I will be passing you more of our business and we will most certainly be recommending you to our business partners!

    Plastics Direct Limited
    Gary Farrington
  • Dear Businessmagnet, Absolute Casing Limited love using Businessmagnet as we find the facility really positively impacts our results with advertising on the web. We find the Team at Businessmagnet a real pleasure to work with!

    Absolute Casing Limited
  • Following your compelling arguments a few months ago for me to take up the 'Magnet Links' option in the Business Magnet directory, I write to confirm that the decision to go ahead has already been vindicated. In addition to a high search engine ranking for our Magnet Link entry that occurred much faster than I expected, there has undoubtedly been a positive effect to the search ranking of our own site. The combined effect on our web visibility is excellent and I thank you for the professional and courteous support given by your team during the setup of our listing. I have worked with a number of web directory services and from my experience to date; I can comfortably say that the service and results from Business Magnet are way ahead of your competition. Thank you.

    Newtons4th Limited
    Stuart Chappell
  • Dear Businessmagnet Our online printing business ranks fairly well in the search engines which generates traffic. The golden rule of online selling is no traffic = no sales! We also use (Pay per Click) advertising which generates additional traffic - at a cost. We are also listed in a variety of online directories - that deliver little traffic! By comparison, I must say that Businessmagnet delivers amazing levels of traffic at exceptional prices. This means an excellent ROI. It really is one of those business no brainers to use your services, whether you are an online or bricks and mortar business!

    Ray Burn
  • I write to congratulate you and your company on the excellent service and results we have received over the last twelve months. Return on investment is always tricky to ascertain in a fast flowing marketplace but the Brown Brothers Group have been able to track with ease, not only the leads directly being sent via Businessmagnet but also the telephone calls that we have a strict policy on monitoring. We conservatively estimate that we have received ten times our initial outlay in the last year and many of those clients have become repeat customers. Manufacturing is becoming harder by the day in the UK so it's reassuring to know that we can rely on a service that provides us with a competitive edge.

    Power Electrics (Bristol Limited)
    Leigh Griffiths
  • Businessmagnet have provided excellent value for money compared to other directories on the internet and analytic results since joining have proved what an excellent service they provide. Since joining we are spending half the amount of that with a competing directory and are gaining more referrals to our website with Businessmagnet. Our profile was designed and online in a fast and professional manner, replicating our website to create an excellent visual advert. The Account Manager has been there from the start to help improve the advert and gain further referrals to our site. Businessmagnet is a great site and it's not just good value for money, it beats the competition in all areas.

    Brown Brothers (Group) Limited
    Ian Richardson
  • We would like to thank you for your invaluable help and advice in setting up our Businessmagnet advertising. You were the only company out of the other popular directories that really listened to what we wanted to achieve and have acted on that. Since advertising with yourself we have had more enquires in the last 3 months since working with you, than we have for the last 9 months advertising with others. Your staff have always kept us updated with the best way forward with the search engines and have changed our advert accordingly. We are really starting to reap the benefits of this now with vastly increased web traffic which has led to many more enquiries. In fact we have just received an order through Businessmagnet that has not only paid for the advert, but allows us to invest with you again. We just wish we had known about Businessmagnet earlier.

    Oracle Storage Systems
    Simon Taylor
  • Although only being with Businessmagnet for 3 weeks, I have seen an increased amount of traffic to my website and have received numerous enquiries from potential customers. One email enquiry from a customer that found me on Businessmagnet has already turned into an order which has well and truly covered the cost of my entire years advertising. Thank you very much Businessmagnet. We look forward to a long and successful advertising partnership.

    SS Marine (UK) Limited
    Steven Taylor
  • Teknomek signed up with Businessmagnet last summer and have been very happy with the results. Our presence on search engines has increased dramatically, and Businessmagnet brings in between 20-30% of referral visitors to our website every month. Thanks to Businessmagnet our online presence has substantially improved, and our web sales are looking good too.

    Teknomek Industries
    Judi-mae Galer
  • Walters & Walters wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the responses we are getting from our modest entry in Businessmagnet. We are also advertising with a competing on-line directory and had no idea our presence on the internet with them was so poor. Within a very short period it was obvious that our ranking within the major search engines was excellent and we are getting very many enquiries for all types of Industrial Marking Products. We are working hard on a new website and hope in the near future that we can call on Businessmagnet to improve things even more!!

    Walters & Walters
    Mary Tribble
  • Just a brief note to thank you for the prompt professional service your company has provided Titan Arctic Store. The innovative art work you supplied as a banner for us, has been the talking point from a number of our advertising companies we do business with. So well done to you artwork dept. The presentation on the web page has also been received very well. Once again thank you for your help and assistance.

    Titan Arctic Store
    Tim Davis
  • Just a few lines to let you know we are very pleased with what you have done for us. There are so many directories out there it's hard to know who to choose, but it seems your prominence in the search engines coupled with your professionalism and knowledge makes for a great choice. It's hard to believe how many people use the internet, didn't realise so many people would be looking for my products online. Keep those enquiries coming!!

    A1 Trophies
    Carl Richards