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  • Helping more than 400 factories get fit!
  • Improve processes and get real-time insights
  • Get leaner, more agile and more productive
  • Helping more than 400 factories get fit!
  • Improve processes and get real-time insights
  • Get leaner, more agile and more productive
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Fitfactory Technology Ltd

Fitfactory is here to help companies digitally transform their organisations in order to improve their everyday working processes, making them leaner, more productive and allowing them to get a real insight into their business.

With over 400 existing customers we are able to help companies everywhere no matter how large or small.

We have decades of experience innovating and supporting software for a whole range of manufacturing applications and processes. Also we are always here on hand to help you every step of the way through your new digital journey.

Get Fit in Days
Where manufacturing is concerned we can help you get started in only a matter of days.

From quotation and development through to production, delivery and invoicing your new system will be faster, smarter and fitter than ever before.

Production Management Packages
No longer do ERP Implementation systems have to be lengthy and painstaking. The new modular and scalable manufacturing packages from Fitfactory take only days to set up and get running to its optimum capability.

Our modules have been created with versatility in mind meaning you also have the option to just add them as and when you need to help you grow.

Production Management Software for Treatment Houses
For companies involved in different types of finishing, heat treatment, powder coating and chemical processing Fitfactory offers a production control solution which can be configured around their specific requirements.


    • Scheduler
    • Manufacturing Production Control
    • Metal Finishing Production Control
    • Shop Floor Data Capture
    • Data Capture
    • CRM
    • Audit Management
    • Calibration Management
    • Business Intelligence

Scheduler - Deliver Every Job on Time
The scheduler module shown above automatically rearranges jobs in your production and finds out the optimum pattern in order to achieve this.

Imagine being able to deliver every job on time every time. Well that’s exactly where the Scheduler software comes in. The Fitfactory Scheduler intelligently plans in jobs to live capacity availability to optimise your resources in order to plan production and easily achieve your delivery targets.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of innovative software solutions available from Fitfactory. If you would like to find out more please visit our website or get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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five stars
Zoe Jewell, Lowley Engineering Ltd

I cannot tell you how much better things are, Tricorn has revolutionised the way we work! I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions we've made.

five stars
Kate Way, Goldburn Finishers Ltd

“The Tricorn system is everything we wanted it to be. The support and backup from all the staff has been exemplary – they go “above and beyond” to help us whenever we ask. I’d happily recommend Tricorn to any of our customers or suppliers.”

five stars
Chris Allen, Bridwey Precision Manufacturing Ltd

“Before Bridwey implemented the Tricorn system we were only capable of meeting a finite volume of work reliably. We would struggle if the workload increased beyond a certain level making it difficult to predict what was going to happen from week to week. Tricorn has enabled us to make quantum leaps in our planning and to become a better organised manufacturing plant - Tricorn has enabled us to grow. In addition, Tricorn’s support is brilliant; we get instant answers and have never been left feeling alone.”

five stars
Mark Thompson, Desa Systems Ltd

Desa Systems is a precision engineering company specialising in the manufacture of components for the oil & gas industry. Whilst the company had an enviable reputation for quality and enjoyed continued investment in manufacturing processes, the back office functions related to the management and control of the business were detached from each other. As the company expanded, the need for a fully integrated system became more urgent and after reviews of several ERP systems, Desa Systems Ltd chose Tricorn as its preferred supplier to implement a fully integrated ERP system. Tricorn was installed in Sept 2012 and the system has revolutionised how we operate and supports our customers. The introduction of the Tricorn ERP system has contributed significantly to Desa Systems Ltd securing new clients and was a critical element to allow the further expansion of the business.

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