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    ATA Engineering Products Ltd

    Since 1963 ATA Engineering Products Ltd has been providing a wide range of technical solutions and products to an equally wide range of industries including the aerospace and woodworking sectors.

    As a result we have now established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers in the UK of Aerospace Tooling, Router Cutters and Woodworking Machinery along with technical support, innovative and problem solving products.

    Aerospace Tooling Suppliers

    ATA Engineering are also the exclusive agents for Monogram Aerospace Fasteners and Boelube products in the UK and are able to offer an extensive range of portable pneumatic tooling and accessories for airframe production and maintenance services.

    Aerospace Tooling includes:

    Tooling for Riveting Applications
    Tab Shears
    Power Drills
    Weld Shavers
    Fastener Installation Tooling
    Drill Bushings
    Drill Jigs

    Boelube is a family of technically advanced lubricants that has been developed by Boeing Aircraft Company.

    They have been particularly created with the environment in mind and to provide a superior performance for the machining and forming of specific materials now in use by the aerospace, automotive and nuclear industries to name but a few.

    This high performance lubricant reduces friction and heat when under extreme pressure conditions thereby prolonging tool life and quality.

    Screwdriving Bits
    ATA Engineering Products Ltd offers a complete range of Screwdriving bits and accessories including:

    Insert Bit Holders
    Insert and Power Bits
    Nut Setters
    Hand Bit Holders
    Square Drive Sockets
    Hand Screwdrivers

    Router Cutter Bits Supplier

    We have been a premier supplier of high quality router cutter bits, milling cutters, toolholders and collets for over 30 years.

    Our range of router cutter bits have been developed to cover a wide range of industrial sectors from automotive and aerospace to retail and furniture.

    The sales team at ATA Engineering Products Ltd are here to provide technical support so whatever your requirements we are sure we will be able to provide you with a solution.

    CNC Lasers

    We now supply a range of Laser Cutters which includes models for both non-metallic and metallic materials. Our machines are equipped with co2 laser tubes for cutting metal sheets like stainless steel, carbon steel and non-metallic materials like MDF, acrylic, plywood and die bond.

    Woodworking Machinery

    ATA Engineering Products is also an exclusive agent for Castle Pocket Routers which is an American company that specialises in manufacturing machinery to support woodworking shops in their efforts to be more productive and thrive.

    We offer a range of high quality and robust equipment from pocket routers to inverted pin routers, so to find out more please visit theATA Engineering Products website or get in touch directly.

    Trend Cordless Power Tools

    We are now the main UK dealer for Trend's brand new range of cordless power tolls. Trend cordless power tools offer high torque performance motors, long lasting lithium-Ion batteries and the latest in advanced electronics.

    Trend Cordless Power Tools We Supply:

    Angle Gringer
    LED Area Light
    Brushless Circular Saw
    Brushless Combi Drill
    Brushless Impact Driver
    Biscuit Jointer
    2Ah TXLI Battery
    4Ah TXLI Battery
    5Ah TXLI Battery
    Fast Charger (230v)
    Brushless Router Kit
    Random Orbital Sander
    Detail Sander
    Third Sheet Sander

    Jet Woodworking Machinery

    ATA Engineering Products Ltd are proud to announce we are now the main UK dealers for Jet Machinery's range of Woodworking machines.

    Jet Woodworking Machinery We Supply:

    Drill Press
    Planer & Thicknesser
    Air Filtration
    Jigs & Accessories
    ATA Cuttershop logo

    Cutters & Router Tool Bits Supplier - ATA Cuttershop

    If you are looking purely for Cutters and Router Tools then check out out dedicated website: ATA Cuttershop where you will find all the tools you need with thousands of cutters in stock and ready for next day delivery:

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