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  • A wide range of part marking systems
  • For the identification & traceability of components
  • 55 years of experience
  • A wide range of part marking systems
  • For the identification & traceability of components
  • 55 years of experience
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Universal Marking Systems Ltd

Component Marking Machines

Universal Marking Systems eat, sleep and breathe marking, providing world class part marking solutions through constant product development, working with excellent partners and visiting/speaking to thousands of customers over the years.

For over 55 years we have digested an oversize portion of knowledge that we use to its fullest when helping you choose a new system.

We can provide integrated, portable or standalone marking equipment for your project and will be on hand to support you wherever and whenever you need us.

Laser Marking
Laser marking is an extremely efficient technology (also known as laser engraving) it provides fast, high quality and high contrast marking. We find laser marking is best suited for primarily marking on metals and some plastics when accuracy and quality are required.

Electrochemical Marking
Electrochemical Marking has various other names like chemical etching, chemi etch and electrolytic etching. It is a permanent process for part marking in high resolution onto conductive metal surfaces for traceability and identification of metal components.

Dot Peen Marking
This method of marking is economical and offers high speed permanent marks for your components. Mostly used for metals and plastics it utilises a carbide tipped stylus to create a low stress permanent mark in the form of alphanumeric characters, logos and 2D barcode which is ideal for traceability purposes.

Scribe Marking
We supply the excellent Multi4 Scribe for this method of marking, it is durable and robust allowing marking on a single part to mass production. Scribe marking uses a continuous line from a carbide tip to produce high quality logos and characters on metal.

Hand Stamps
If you are looking for a low cost, simple method of producing permanent marks on metal surfaces then hand stamps could be the option for you. All they require is a hammer, although not the highest quality or fastest method, it is often useful to have a set on hand as a back up.

Data Matrix
When you require lifetime traceability of a component or product, data matrix two dimensional symbols are an excellent option. They are very small and carry a great deal of information. They can be created by using Laser Marking, Dot Peen or Electrochemical Marking.

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