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NEW - Oceanis Shopping Baskets and Carts (Recycled Ocean Plastics)

Formbar Limited News and PR from Formbar Limited - Published 16 February 2022 We are proud to announce the first range of shopping carts and baskets made with recycled ocean plastic
Help to reduce oceanic plastic and help to conserve the environment.

Baskets and trolleys made of used and recycled fishing ropes.

- Includes ocean plastic from recycled fishing ropes.

One of the biggest threats for marine life is the number of fishing nets abandoned in seas and oceans.

According to the European Environment Agency, there are 640,000 tons of nets abandoned on the seabed.

Animals are then caught up in the nets and suffocate or undergo severe injury and mutilation. Trash and debris in the sea are estimated to cause the death of some 100,000 marine animals every year.

Hundreds of sea turtles die each year because of these environmental traps, other species are already are already in extinction.

We must prevent a natural catastrophe. Every action counts.

Below are various downloadable pdf's with extra information:

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