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Formbar attends GLEE

Formbar Limited News and PR from Formbar Limited - Published 27 September 2021 We attended GLEE last week and we are delighted with how well it all went. Everybody was so happy (as we were) to do something we havenít been able to do in such a long timeÖ
We loved catching up with our regular customers which we haven’t seen in 2 years (GLEE 2019) as well as meeting new people! The Formbar team were excited to talk to people in real life about our newest products and our recommendations.

We introduced exciting new products to the Garden Centre community. Our newest invention, the Multi-Function trolley, was very popular at the show. Customers loved how much space there was for plants as well as heavier goods such as compost and gravel. View here

We also released our most sustainable product to date at the show. The 24 litre shopping basket in anthracite is made from 100% post-consumer waste. This means that the materials used to create the basket were once something else and have been melted down to create the basket. We also had our 24 litre black basket there which is made from 100% recycled industrial materials. For example, this basket is made from scrap bits of plastic from the manufacturer, they get remelted to create the basket. Customers loved both, especially the post-consumer waste basket. It was great to see more people caring about the environment and wanting to show that through the products they sell and use in their stores. We are trying to source as many sustainable products as we can find to offer to our customers, so when we released the new basket, it was great to see how popular it was.

We are already planning our return to GLEE for 2022 and will hopefully have more new products to offer. We hope it is as successful as this year's!

We are overwhelmed with the number of enquiries and orders we received at the show and are thankful for everyone who came to see us. If you didn¬ít manage to speak to us and would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01235 850368 - [email protected].
We introduced exciting new products to the Garden Centre community

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