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Supporting Grocery Retailers.

Formbar Limited News and PR from Formbar Limited - Published 17 April 2020 Covid -19, what we are doing to help the industry
During this rather extraordinary time where life across the world has been disrupted by the Covid-19 Virus, leaving Grocery retailers really at the sharp end, Formbar would like to offer our support and gratitude. I read every day remarkable stories in the trade press and through social media of the amazing service being offered to local communities by hard working grocery retailers. Here at Formbar we applaud all you are doing.

Since lockdown, we have tried to support as many of our customers as possible by delivering necessary trolleys and baskets to stores as quickly as possible. We even had several deliveries out on Easter Saturday trying to make sure consumers have enough baskets and trolleys to collect their groceries.

If you have a need for trolleys or baskets please do contact us. We are despatching orders most days of the week and our couriers are doing a fantastic job of delivering.

Since lockdown we have also received a number of orders for picking trolleys and stack nest crates for stores to quickly implement local delivery or click-and-collect services for their community. Both these services reduce the number of consumers entering the store, they help people budget for groceries and they keep consumers shopping local, which is fantastic both now and into the future after this horrible episode.

Available in stock and ready to ship we have new and used stack nest crates. These very useful crates come in two sizes 15L and 35L. While in use the stacking bars click across and the crates can be stacked on top of each other without squashing the contents. When not in use the stacking bars click back and the crates nest inside each other. We have the popular black version in stock as new and used. We also have some red, green and blue ones that have not been as popular and we have had in stock for longer than we would like and so we would offer a good deal on these. With no minimum order quantity you are welcome to order as many as you need.

As for an order picking trolley we have a few options. There are the standard order picking trolleys which have slots for 6 x 35L picking crates, these slide in and out like drawers. It is easily pushed around the store and we can add a clip board to the handle for the order paperwork. Another option is to use a tiered stock trolley and put the crates on the trolley, this is more multi-use as can be used for shelf re-stock when not being used for order picking.

If we can supply any trolleys and baskets at this time we will always offer the best price we can and deliver as quickly as we can.

Do get in contact with us if you would like a quote:

[email protected]

01235 850368

07741 643764
If you have a need for trolleys or baskets please do contact us

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