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Co-op Stock Trolley

Formbar Limited News and PR from Formbar Limited - Published 07 July 2020 This stock trolley is a great design for stores to replenish stock and process online orders...
This trolley is used across all Co-op stores for replenishing shelves. This trolley is narrow enough to not take up a great amount of room and can hold plenty of stock to ensure a quick restock time.

It has 4 platforms to hold boxes or loose stock, the platforms can be one of two ways: they can be faced down so they are completely flat, or the other way which has ridges and a lip to stop products rolling off. This trolley also has a ladder on the side to reach the top shelf, as well as two handles for safety.

If this is something you are interested in contact us on [email protected] or 01235 850368
4 Platforms used for holding boxes or loose stock

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