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Formbar Limited are finally on social media

Formbar Limited News and PR from Formbar Limited - Published 26 February 2020 You read that right! Formbar Limited have decided 2020 is the year for more focus on digital marketing.
Formbar Limited are taking digital marketing seriously this year which involved hiring a Marketing Executive back in September 2019 in preperation.

So far this year Formbar have joined Twitter - @FormbarLimited and are starting to make more of a appearance on LinkedIn. The Twitter will be used predominantly for keeping up to date with the trends within retail, interacting with customers and creating more awareness about different services. Our account will also be used to post fun facts about products and all things industry related.

We are very excited for this new opportunity and hope to find old, new and current customers to connect with on a more personal level.

Be sure to follow us for all things retail!
Formbar Make It Onto Twitter

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