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Anti-Scale Revolution

Carter Pumps Ltd News and PR from Carter Pumps Ltd - Published 06 July 2016 Got problems with scale? Introducing the ASR Series from Carter Pumps
The ASR Series is an anti-scale solution that improves the life expectancy and reliability of valves and pumps within your cold water supply system. Additionally in increases the long term efficiency of boilers and calorifiers by preventing scale build up.

- Uses no chemicals or salt
- Requires no electrical supply
- Is cost effective and eco-friendly
- Requires no maintenance
- Needs no regeneration or back wash
- Is easy to install (no backwash pipework, electrical supply)



Heating systems
Washing machines

Food & Beverage:

Hot drinks machines
Steam water heaters
Steam systems
Espresso coffee machine
Cooling systems
Dish / Glass Washer

Commercial & Industrial:

Car wash
Cooling systems and evaporation systems

The ASR Series is designed to protect open circuit pipes from scaling. It can be installed as a Point of Entry device, for both cold and hot water, or directly before the equipment that needs to receive treated water.

The ASR Series avoids scale by interacting with the scale molecules, turning them into harmless crystals (TAC system). These crystals are now suspended in the water but do not attach to surfaces and are simply washed away. In this way the scaling on surfaces and in pipes is dramatically reduced. The ASR Series is NOT a softener, it is a water conditioner. The water treated using this product keeps the original beneficial minerals whilst providing an effective solution to scaling problems.

ASR Series Models
ASR-10 (up to 15 litres per minute)
ASR-100 (up to 38 litres per minute)
ASR-735 (up to 30 litres per minute)
ASR-835 (up to 38 litres per minute)
ASR-935 (up to 45 litres per minute)
ASR-1054 (up to 57 litres per minute)
ASR-1252 (up to 76 litres per minute)
ASR-1465 (up to 190 litres per minute)
ASR-1665 (up to 284 litres per minute)
Whatever your water conditioning or treatment requirements give Carter Pumps a call now on 01380 734900 to see now we can help.
The ASR Series is an anti-scale solution that improves the life expectancy and reliability of valves and pumps

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