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Spotlight on Neil Markham

Aluminium Shapes Ltd News and PR from Aluminium Shapes Ltd - Published 11 May 2015 Neil is married to Adele with two sons, sporting prodigies, and one daughter, and is a product of Alcan Banbury the University of Aluminium.
rom good aluminium stock, Neil’s father is one of the leading authorities on press maintenance in the industry

Last film watched? Good Burger (with kids, a likely story ed.)
Last book read? Kevin Pietersen autobiography
Favourite TV show? Only fools and horses
Hobbies? All sports especially watching my kids play
Musical taste? Anything with a guitar, Oasis in particular
Best holiday? Trip to Australia to watch my son play cricket

What are you most proud of?
My Family. My two sons have had outstanding sporting achievements and my daughter overcomes difficulty everyday of her life and my wife has just formed her own business

Why aluminium sales?
I fell into it almost by accident 21 years ago but will never look back

Dream job:
I’m in it

Any regrets?

What was the most difficult business decision you had to make?
Coming back here was the easiest and most difficult for different reasons

Best boss?
Frank Power because no one has ever believed in me more than him

What drives you?
Providing for my family and being able to treat them once in a while

What are you best at in work?
I hope that customers and colleagues would be loyal to me as I’m honest and act with good intentions

What’s the best thing about working here?
People recognising all of the positive changes being made

What’s the worst thing about working here?
The stigma of the old days

What are the main challenges at Aluminium Shapes over the next few years?
We need to push extrusion boundaries and continue to provide a first class service. Never give any customer a reason to look elsewhere

What are the main challenges at aluminium shapes over the next few years?
To push extrusion boundaries

If your friends described you in three words what would they be?
Genuine, loyal, generous (I hope)

Best bit of advice you were ever given?
Never promise what you can’t deliver or pretend to understand something that you don’t

Best bit of advice you would give?
As above and never go missing when things go wrong
Never promise what you can’t deliver or pretend to understand something that you don’t

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