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High-Speed Multi-Channel Data Acquisition

m+p international ( UK ) Ltd News and PR from m+p international ( UK ) Ltd - Published 09 August 2019 High-speed dynamic signal acquisition system for high-channel counts. Anti-vibration boxes optimally protect the valuable electronics.
m+p international's high-speed multi-channel data acquisition system comprises several sub-systems each housed in a separate steel box. These anti-vibration, vapour-proof boxes made by Zarges guarantee optimal protection of the valuable electronics. Each box includes an industrial PC and a UPS. The hardware consists of Spectrum PCI Express cards and portable m+p VibMobile front-ends.

The hardware is fully integrated into our m+p Analyzer to allow user-friendly setup and dynamic signal acquisition. Depending on the selected sample rate and number of used channels, the Spectrum based system can acquire some seconds of data in its internal memory. After completion of the test, this data is written to a SOT file on the PC's hard disk for further processing and comprehensive report generation using m+p Analyzer.
High-speed dynamic signal acquisition of large structures using Spectrum PCI Express cards and portable m+p VibMobile

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