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Multi-Channel Measurement Front-End

m+p international ( UK ) Ltd News and PR from m+p international ( UK ) Ltd - Published 09 August 2019 m+p VibMobile was engineered for the requirements of mobile multi-channel noise and vibration measurements and dynamic signal analysis as well as demanding data acquisition and monitoring applications.
The new m+p VibMobile with its compact form factor, robust design, embedded CPU and storage media, multi-range AC and DC power supply and optional battery power is made for portable or standalone operation. With a broad selection of analog input and output boards and appropriate signal conditioning modules it can be used in all kinds of dynamic and quasi-static measurement fields: noise and vibration, modal analysis, experimental strain and stress analysis, engine testing, functional testing, process monitoring, etc.

m+p VibMobile offers a wide choice of analog I/O boards for high-speed data acquisition, simultaneous sampling, signal conditioning for voltage inputs, IEPE sensor supply and bridge measurements. Up to four CompactPCI® Serial boards can be used additionally in the mainframe allowing for the free selection of industry standard I/O, interface and storage solutions.

The robust steel housing qualifies the m+p VibMobile for operation under harsh ambient conditions and for high temperatures. Lightweight polyurethane side panels provide extra protection if you carry your device. For very high shock and vibration exposure, for example during test runs in vehicles, we offer a shock-isolated mount.

For channel expansion and distributed measurements multiple m+p VibMobile front-ends can be combined to act as one system. The daisy-chained master-slave configuration makes it possible to place the frontends close to the measuring points.
Versatile front-end for portable and standalone measurements in the field, in vehicles and in the lab.

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