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Aircraft Strength Testing

m+p international ( UK ) Ltd News and PR from m+p international ( UK ) Ltd - Published 09 August 2019 Chinese national test center selects advanced products from m+p international for its vibration control and strain tests.
The Avic Aircraft Strength Research Institute (ASRI) is the national test center for verifying structural strength of aircraft in China. It selected m+p VibControl and m+p Coda software from m+p international for their vibration control and strain tests. The hardware platform is an m+p VibRunner providing 16 analog input channels, 64 bridge input channels, and 4 analog output channels. Tests for aircraft strength testing include swept sine vibration, random vibration, noise, classic shock, and shock response spectrum analysis on a shaker.

The new 102.4 kSa/s per channel bridge module is designed for dynamic strain measurements, experimental stress analysis and fatigue testing of mechanical structures. It enables connection of eight strain gauges in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations. Two versions are available: one with RJ-45 connectors and the other one with 9 pin LEMO connectors. 120 Ω, 350 Ω, 1000 Ω resistors are supported. Rosettes, which are also used for temperature compensation, can be connected, too.
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