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Going Global, Going Once, Going Twice, Sold to the Company Expanding Overseas

Peak Translations Ltd News and PR from Peak Translations Ltd - Published 04 October 2018 On 14th and 15th November, Going Global Live Exhibition and Conference, a free business exhibition will be held at ExCel in London. Peak Translations will be exhibiting and speaking at this event.
Have you thought about exporting or expanding your business internationally, or setting up overseas? Not sure where to start? Then help is at hand in the form of the Going Global Live Exhibition and Conference, a free business exhibition, which is soon to grace the UK’s doorstep at London’s ExCel (an exhibitions and international convention centre in Custom House, East London), on 14th (10am – 6pm) and 15th November (10am – 5pm), where Peak Translations will be exhibiting. Welcoming a record number of visitors (3,545) last year, this exhibition is renowned for not only being the UK’s top exhibition for expanding business internationally, but it is also Europe’s leading event to help businesses break into international markets, with an abundance of cutting edge suppliers on hand to give you advice about the best way to set up overseas, as well as regular seminars held by experts in global business development. It would be crazy not to make the most of this worthwhile opportunity to help your company become the star of the international scene!

So how can this global exhibition put your company’s name in lights? The event can not only point you in the right direction, helping you focus on which country or countries would be best for your company to target and providing expert information about the most lucrative places in which to trade, but it can also give your company a step up to reach a diverse range of new markets. What’s more, guidance will be on tap in the form of how to make that first international step and increase your business earning potential.

It doesn’t stop there. Over 50 expert speakers from across the globe will offer you a wealth of inspiring and sage words of wisdom across 4 different stages, to guide you along your international investment journey, such as giving you a head start in international e-commerce, making you aware of cultural barriers, business etiquette and how to effectively communicate internationally across a worldwide market, plus much more. Helen Provart, MD of Peak Translations will be adding a few worthwhile gems to this treasure trove of expertise at stand 220 with one of Peak's Project Managers, Madeline Prusmann, as well as in the form of a seminar on 14th November in Seminar Hall 14 at 12.30pm. There will also be more than 80 exhibitors attending the exhibition readily at your service to provide unparalleled advice, revealing a few top secrets to international success in unknown waters!

The exhibition will also provide ample networking opportunities, allowing you to get to know people from a whole myriad of industries and learn about all types of products, professions, markets, trends and so forth, which in turn may give your business the international boost it needs.

This highly acclaimed Going Global Live Exhibition will certainly give you a helping hand in some capacity or another. Register now for your free ticket to this event https://www.eventdata.co.uk/Forms/Form.aspx?FormRef=GloB8Visitor
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“Going Global Live is a gold mine of education for businesses looking to expand internationally, export, or set up overseas"

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