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Taming Industry Terms with Quality Translation

Peak Translations Ltd News and PR from Peak Translations Ltd - Published 04 March 2016 Almost every industry has its own unique expressions or jargon.
While adopting terminology can help a business relay consistent communications within its field, this impact may be lost on international customers. Accurate, considered translation is key to making sense of technical language for a global audience.

Language evolves constantly. This is no more prevalent than in specialist industries, where businesses deal with highly technical products and services and the guides and legal text they produce, must include the latest terminology in multiple languages. In manufacturing, for example, it is important that content includes the precise language that their customers are likely to use when trying to source components and tools. Still, for several manufacturers translating jargon into a comprehensive and compelling read remains a challenge. In an industry survey, 75% of manufacturing companies who were asked what they considered the biggest issue when translating foreign content said ‘inconsistent terminology’.

Words, concepts and terms may mean one thing in one language but are interpreted differently in another. Likewise, the terminology used to describe systematic details, regulations and standards in any given industry, differ hugely around the world. Understanding this critical information is inherently linked to the smooth running of operations in a business. In industries where large volumes of technical translation are necessary, accuracy and clarity are a priority for businesses breaking into overseas markets.

Globalisation has led to an increasingly accessible worldwide marketplace, and businesses are no longer confined to their territory when sourcing products and services. With this opportunity comes the challenge of producing content that a new and international consumer base will understand. As terminology continues to change, translating consistent content becomes a difficult, time-consuming task.

Translating technical documents is a skill, and for businesses to achieve marketability with foreign clients, they need a qualified translator with experience in the relevant field. Professional translators can convey complex language in a way that is appropriate to their audience, ultimately forging valuable communication over time. Expert guidance can avoid costly issues later on. For instance, if a document is translated incorrectly, this can cause concern around a business’ legitimacy and credibility – not exactly the take-away message you want a new client to be left with. A translator understands the importance of retaining the document’s context and detail in their translation work while ensuring that it reads comfortably for the audience. Naturally, it’s essential to give this task to the right person.

Peak Translations provide a variety of reliable translation services, matching your projects with a qualified professional who has comprehensive knowledge of the relevant language and industry for which they are translating.
Peak Translations provide a variety of reliable translation services

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