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Global Translations: Why small businesses must think ‘big’

Peak Translations Ltd News and PR from Peak Translations Ltd - Published 04 March 2016 Attracting international interest is a pivotal part of many companies’ business models and consequently, effective communication is key.
In the age of globalisation, small businesses need to ensure that their corporate messages are heard overseas to remain competitive. Employing a professional translation service can help small companies deliver clear, constructive information to foreign clients.

The adoption of the internet has helped to break down geographical boundaries, enabling businesses around the world to take advantage of new global opportunities. One barrier remains, however. Language, with its countless variations and interpretations, dialects and colloquialisms, is not so easily navigated when it comes to presenting information to potential clients abroad. Limited by time and resources, translating important content in-house becomes increasingly challenging for small businesses but without it, they will certainly fail to establish a connection with partners overseas.

Translation plays a part in writing almost any document, sending out emails, producing marketing materials and building an online presence for an international audience. It is also essential for business conversion. In fact, recent studies reveal that consumers are deterred from making purchases from a website that seems foreign. In comparison, consumers are more likely to complete purchases when they feel relaxed and comfortable with the information being provided on a website. However, many small businesses find attempting translation work themselves inconvenient, with the result being prone to error and time consuming. Failing to translate effectively has further reaching implications on the economy and consequently, the language skill shortage costs the UK an estimated £16 billion in lost international trade. For many SMEs, language is the single biggest contributing factor in how successful their global expansion plans will be.

The Internet presents opportunities for small businesses to flourish, with online platforms providing scope to reach more prospects and grow their client base. It’s simple; for companies to engage new international audiences in rewarding conversations they need to be able to ‘speak’ to them on their terms and in the language they not only recognise but would use themselves. Smaller businesses have the added challenge of informing potential customers about their products in a marketplace where price margins are close and larger firms are competing for the same orders. Successful translation, understandably, can help to provide a better customer experience online and enable SMEs to gain a foothold in their industry.

Fortunately, there are professional translation services available to large businesses and small organisations alike. WhatÂ’s more, using a professional translation service can help businesses monitor any inefficiencies in the content they share with readers overseas and ultimately save time and resources in-house.
there are professional translation services available to large businesses and small organisations alike

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