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Peak celebrates 40th anniversary in style at the Imperial War Museum

Peak Translations Ltd News and PR from Peak Translations Ltd - Published 23 August 2018 On 12th July, Peak Translations celebrated its 40th birthday at the iconic Imperial War Museum North in Manchester in the company of clients, suppliers, advisors and key stakeholders.
The event, a gala dinner with over 100 guests, was an opportunity for Helen Provart, Managing Director, and the team to highlight the foundation stones on which the company was built back in 1978 and which still represent the company’s core values today, as well as looking back at the history of the company through the eyes of the founder and guest of honour for the evening, Ian Gordon, and a look forward to what the next 40 years might hold.

Technology was a key theme, as guests heard how Peak Translations had been early adopters of electronic typewriters and word processors as well as being instrumental in the introduction of Translation Memory Software into the UK market, which is still widely used today and Helen explained that the company is continually looking at opportunities to work with new technologies to enhance their clients’ communications such as a service to carry out multilingual SEO for foreign-language websites so that their clients’ sites have a better chance of performing well in foreign Google searches.

Quality was also identified as an important element running through the company’s history dating back to the 1990s when Peak first achieved ISO9001 accreditation, having adapted the standards from a manufacturing basis, to the present day as they are now accredited to both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100, testament to Peak’s commitment to implementing high quality standards. The guests were also entertained with a few funny examples of how not to do things, with the aim of reinforcing the importance of always working with native linguists with expertise in specific industries and of always including a revision stage.

“In this anniversary year, I am incredibly proud of the company today and its achievements. We have identified strong core values which ensure we get the right results for our clients; professional standards, accuracy, the right expertise, as well as industry and cultural knowledge are all crucial to making sure our foreign language services, whether spoken or written, represent our clients appropriately in their target markets. We are continuing later in the year to mark the occasion by organising a conference for all our linguists, providing them with an opportunity to enhance their skills and learn new specialisms, as well as sharing with them our vision and goals for the future and our aspirations for the sustainability of our industry. We really want to understand how we can support our linguists in the future”, describes Helen Provart, Managing Director, Peak Translations.

“In this anniversary year, I am incredibly proud of the company today and its achievements."

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