Medical Grade Foam
  • Medical Grade Foam
  • Medical Grade Foam Filters
  • Medical Cervical Collars

Medical Grade Foam

Zouch supply a range of high quality medical grade foam, both open cell & closed cell foam.

Open Cell Foam

Our open cell foam can be used for medical filters, it is lightweight & gives warranty of the safety of filtering dust, liquids, air gases & water.

Closed Cell Foam

The range of medical grade foam is suitable for a wide range of applications that includes; Medical Splinting, Medical Cervical Collars, Medical Exercise Mats, Orthopaedic Aids, Seat Cushions & mor

Unique Product Information:

Open Cell Foam: Medical Filters
Closed Cell Foam: Medical splinting, Orthopaedic aids, Medical cervical collars, Medical exercise mats, Moulded seat cushions, Foam wedges, Heel and ankle stabilizers and Thermoformed materials for brace and orthotic supports
Areas Covered: Nottingham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby, Doncaster, Loughborough, Leicester, Grantham, Lincoln, Scunthrope, Burtom Upon Trent, Birmingham, Coventry and the rest of the UK

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