Foam Tapes

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ZOUCHlen 120 Foam Tape
  • ZOUCHlen 120 Foam Tape
  • ZOUCH Expandafoam Tapes
  • ZOUCHlen 111

Foam Tapes

Here at Zouch we supply a wide range of sealing foam tapes that are high performance foil or single sided foam tapes. They are available with various adhesives systems that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

All of our foam tapes are easy and quick to apply, pressure sensitive and have no drying time.

If you require a tape for sealing against general weather, water, dust and air then Zouch can help. Feel free to click through to our website for more information.

Unique Product Information:

Locations Supplied: Nottingham, Derby, Grantham, Mansfield, Loughborough, Leicester, Sheffield, Peterborough, Brimingham, Lincoln, London, Manchester, Liverpool and the rest of the UK
Adhesive Backing: Different Adhesive Systems Depending on Application
Foam Tapes Available: ZOUCHkonekt SD, ZOUCHlen 110, ZOUCHlen 111, ZOUCHlen 111 W, ZOUCHlen 111-G, ZOUCHlen 120, ZOUCHlen 122, ZOUCHlen 210, ZOUCHlen T19/08, ZOUCHseal 90, ZOUCHseal 100, ZOUCHseal 115-G, ZOUCHseal 160, ZOUCHseal 200, ZOUCHseal 260, ZOUCHflex CM-A, ZOUCHflex CM-L, ZOUCHflex CM-RN, ZOUCHflex DK, ZOUCHflex EL 55-70, ZOUCHflex F-180, ZOUCHflex K, ZOUCHflex NF 150, ZOUCHflex NW 152, ZOUCH 2000 Sealer and ZOUCHEXPANDAFOAM BG1 SUPER

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