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    Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd

    Frameless Glass Curtains Managing Director, Gary Beresford set about improving the conventional bi-folding doors. We designed new hardware, suitable glass units to enhance the frameless concept and engineered a product for the ultimate in long-term reliability. Only in this way would our product compete with the long guarantees and performance requirements of the UK home improvement market and provide a better all-round product. Using a unique Patented 20mm toughened glass spacer, the doors have no vertical mullions between the individual panes to obscure a view- they are almost invisible. Based in Kent, our company has satisfied thousands of homeowners who have benefited from our specially designed and manufactured glass frameless doors. Our competitively priced doors are utilised across both domestic and commercial applications and have been highly recommended by numerous satisfied customers.

    All orders are bespoke and handmade to order within our Strood warehouse, for installation across the UK. We offer a wide range of products including frameless porch enclosures, internal doors, slimline bi-fold doors, slimline French doors, slimline sliding doors, steel look glazing and much door. Here at Frameless Glass Curtains, we have gained an outstanding reputation for our customer service, which is carried out successfully by our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, so much so we have over 800 customers across the country who have signed up to our preferred customer scheme, using their homes for potential customers to view the doors. We pride ourselves on a first class after sales service and are exceptionally proud of our reputation.

    Check out our full range of frameless products.

    Frameless Slide, Fold and Stack Bi-folding Patio Doors

    Slide, Fold and Stack Bi-folding doors are the perfect product for creating a stunning access from house to garden, they create a beautifully clear frameless doorway to the outside, letting in sun light and even giving an effect of more space. Our unique double or triple glazed aluminium slide and fold doors really are � as their name implies � frameless, that�s to say that when closed, there are no vertical mullions between the individual panes to obscure the view. Instead, there is simply a grey PVC bubble gasket fixed to both edges of each door, which when compressed becomes almost invisible, delivering unbeatable weather- tightness, excellent rigidity and uniquely.

    These patio doors are supplied with clear toughened Planitherm 1 glass as standard, achieving an outstanding 1.2 U-Value, exceeding the minimum requirement for building regulations.

    Frameless Folding Glass Doors & Walls

    Folding Glass Walls are the perfect product for creating a stunning entrance from house to garden, they create a beautifully clear frameless doorway to the outside, letting in sun light and even giving an effect or more space.

    These patio doors can be supplied in toughened glass and in various styles like bi folding and sliding. Another popular application for these doors and walls are to open up office environments. Please visit our website to view our full range.

    Bi Folding Patio Doors

    stock a large range of bi folding patio doors that meet all of the British Standards and are manufactured with huge attention to detail and to exceedingly high standards. We never scrimp on quality and still manage to offer only the most competitive prices.

    Bi Folding doors for patios offer unhinged, seamless access to and from a property using flush floor tracks. We use only the highest quality materials boasting high U levels with wraparound seals. The best way to describe our Bi Folding doors is by viewing our video showcase located on our website.

    Folding Glass Walls

    Our Folding Glass Walls work by providing you with as much light to your property as possible whilst also allowing an uninterrupted view of the outside. Our doors are made from the very latest technology using PTFE or Pure Teflon runner tracks and slides. These allow the door to slide smoothly and freely with just a gentle push or slide to start them opening.

    Our products are manufactured bespoke to customers specific requirements and depending on your specifications, can be multi-layered with as many panels as necessary. Below are some videos to show off the doors and how good they really are. Please note we also provide Glass Folding Door installation by fully qualified and skilled member of our team.

    Origin Windows and Doors

    FGC are delighted to be a Premium Partner of Origin windows and doors. Origin is a British company with a great reputation for quality aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, Sliding Doors, Windows and now internal doors.

    Their OS20 sliding doors, which are also known on the market as Cor Vision doors, have an amazing sight line of just 20mm, the slimest on the UK�s market.

    Their OB49 Bi-folds have one of the slimmest frames on the market of just 49mm.

    A full range of their products can be found on our sister website.

    Aluco Steel Look Windows and Doors

    FGC are also a trade supplier for British company Aluco. Established in 2017, Aluco pride themselves in expertly-crafting aluminium windows and doors to create a desired steel look effect.

    They offer desirable, iconic looks with all the benefits of aluminium technology and glass.

    Using a variety for hardware and bar designs, no two orders are the same.

    A full range of their products can be found on our sister website

    An introduction to our doors

    An introduction to our doors

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    Trade Associations

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    Our complete range of frameless doors, bi folding patio doors, folding glass walls, bespoke sliding doors, glass wall partitions, toughened patio doors and everything else are available to the following locations and the rest of the UK:
    1. Bath
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      North Yorkshire
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