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    metalweb Ltd

    Metal Stockholder

    As part of the multi-billion dollar US company Reliance Steel & Aluminium, metalweb are able to provide you with a service for your business at the price and quality you require from a vast range of stocked metal products.

    We offer a nationwide service to businesses throughout the UK. All products from metalweb are quality approved and offer full traceability through our comprehensive processing capability. We also offer a complete range of additional services such as cutting and sawing, machining and fabrication.

    metalwebs expertise and success lies in our ability to source, stock and first stage metal process to your exact requirements in any quantity, type or size. Some of the more complex and bespoke solutions we are able to provide include direct-to-line kit feeds and export sales and overseas support to name but a few.

    Our Products


    metalweb are stockholders of a wide range of Aluminium products and can supply you with all of your Aluminium needs whether it’s for commercial or aerospace applications.

    As Aluminium plate stockholders we offer customers a one stop shop for plate, sheet and tooling plate including cast, moulded or rolled.

    metalweb has thousands of tonnes of material in stock in all forms and alloys and we are convinced we will have sufficient stock to satisfy your requirements. Aluminium materials from metalweb are available in all forms including round, square, flat and hexagon bars to tubes, extrusions, plate rings and forgings.

    There are many types and sizes of Aluminium plate in our range of stock, from 6mm thick up to 500mm thick, and that’s just our standard range. Thicker plate can also be supplied as special requests.


    As an aerospace steel stockholder metalweb carry a wide range of steels mainly for aerospace applications and in addition are able to supply stainless steels, mild steels, tool steels and maraging steels.

    We stock steel in almost every specification, from stainless 303, 304 and 316 to 17/4 stainless steel to name but a few.

    Our range of stocked steel products are available in all forms including plate, sheet, round bar and flat bar and include aerospace steels, mild steels, stainless steels, commercial steels, tool steels and both austenitic and martensitic steels.


    metalweb offer a wide range of titanium materials to meet almost every application including aerospace applications.

    Titanium sheet and plate from metalweb is available in a number of specifications including 6AL 4V.

    All titanium products are available either from in-house stock or via direct access through Reliance group stock held in the USA.

    Nickel Alloys

    Nickel Alloys are a key product to many of the 'high performance' market sectors like Marine, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Motorsport. Nickel has exceptional properties such as it high strength and resistance to corrosion and heat.

    Compared to Aluminium and Steel, Nickel Alloys are a higher cost material but their benefits more than make up for this. We stock a wide range of Nickel Alloys to suit many end-uses, including 625 and 718 with the material available in Plate, Round, Flat and Square Bars.

    Copper Alloys

    We provide a wide range of Copper Alloys in primary forms through to Phosphor Bronze, Aluminium Bronze and Brass. We have various grades available from stock that are well suited to a number of industries including Aerospace.

    metalweb can also help with you with a wide range of other metal products such as copper alloys, nickel alloys, cobalt, tin, magnesium, and a wide range of perforated materials and other formations.

    Other Metals

    In addition to the materials listed above, we are also able to supply various other materials like magnesium, tin and cobalt. If we don't have in stock what you need, we can source it thanks to our direct relationships with leading mills across multiple product sectors.

    So if you would like more information about metalweb and the vast range of metal products we are able to supply please contact us.

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    Monday 08:30 to 17:30
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    Saturday Closed
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    Accepted Payment Methods

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    Payment Terms

    Pro-Forma 15 days 30 days 60 days
    Key Personnel
    Bruce Maggs
    Bruce Maggs Managing Director
    Simon James
    Simon James Export Sales Manager
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    Products and Services

    1. 17/4/Stainless Steel
    2. 316 Stainless Steel Tubing
    3. Abrasive Water Jet
    4. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
    5. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Service
    6. Abrasive Waterjet
    7. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
    8. Aerospace Aluminium
    9. Aerospace Aluminium Bar
    10. Aerospace Aluminium Tube
    11. Aerospace Metals
    12. Aerospace Nickel Alloys
    13. Aerospace Stainless Steel Tube
    14. Aerospace Steel Stockholder
    15. Aircraft Aluminium
    16. Aluminium
    17. Aluminium - Sheet
    18. Aluminium Aerospace Tubes
    19. Aluminium Aircraft Tubes
    20. Aluminium Alloy
    21. Aluminium Alloy Bars
    22. Aluminium Alloy Bars Sections
    23. Aluminium Alloy Drawn Tubes
    24. Aluminium Alloy Extruded Tubes
    25. Aluminium Alloy Extrusion
    26. Aluminium Alloy Extrusions
    27. Aluminium Alloy Profiles
    28. Aluminium Alloy Section
    29. Aluminium Alloy Sections
    30. Aluminium Alloy Tubes
    31. Aluminium Bar
    32. Aluminium Bars
    33. Aluminium Billets
    34. Aluminium Channels
    35. Aluminium Coil
    36. Aluminium Cutting
    37. Aluminium Cutting Discs
    38. Aluminium Discs
    39. Aluminium Drawn Bars
    40. Aluminium Drawn Rods
    41. Aluminium Drawn Tubes
    42. Aluminium Equal Angles
    43. Aluminium Extruded Bars
    44. Aluminium Extruded Profiles
    45. Aluminium Extruded Sections
    46. Aluminium Extruded Tubes
    47. Aluminium Extrusion
    48. Aluminium Extrusion Supplier
    49. Aluminium Extrusions
    50. Aluminium Flat Bar
    51. Aluminium Flat Bars
    52. Aluminium Forgings
    53. Aluminium Hexagonal Bar
    54. Aluminium Hexagonal Bars
    55. Aluminium Hollow Bar
    56. Aluminium Plate
    57. Aluminium Plates
    58. Aluminium Pneumatic Tubes
    59. Aluminium Precision Tubes
    60. Aluminium Precison Castings
    61. Aluminium Processing
    62. Aluminium Products
    63. Aluminium Profile
    64. Aluminium Profile Cutting
    65. Aluminium Profile Suppliers
    66. Aluminium Profiles
    67. Aluminium Profiles Supplier
    68. Aluminium Profiling
    69. Aluminium Rectangular Tube
    70. Aluminium Rectangular Tubes
    71. Aluminium Rods
    72. Aluminium Round Bar
    73. Aluminium Round Bars
    74. Aluminium Round Tube
    75. Aluminium Round Tubes
    76. Aluminium Seamless Drawn Tubes
    77. Aluminium Seamless Extruded Tubes
    78. Aluminium Seamless Tubes
    79. Aluminium Sections
    80. Aluminium Shaped Bars
    81. Aluminium Shaped Rods
    82. Aluminium Sheet
    83. Aluminium Sheet Metal
    84. Aluminium Sheet Supplier
    85. Aluminium Sheets
    86. Aluminium Square Bar
    87. Aluminium Square Bars
    88. Aluminium Square Tube
    89. Aluminium Square Tubes
    90. Aluminium Stockholder
    91. Aluminium Stockholders
    92. Aluminium Stockholding
    93. Aluminium Stockholding Services
    94. Aluminium Strip In Coil
    95. Aluminium Supplier.
    96. Aluminium Suppliers
    97. Aluminium Supplies
    98. Aluminium Supply
    99. Aluminium Tool
    100. Aluminium Tube
    101. Aluminium Tube Supplier
    102. Aluminium Tubes
    103. Aluminium Tubing
    104. Aluminium Unequal Leg Channel
    105. Aluminium Unequal Leg Channels
    106. Bespoke Aluminium Extrusions
    107. Cast Aluminium
    108. CNC Water Jet Cutting
    109. CNC Water Jet Cutting Brass
    110. CNC Water Jet Cutting Bronze
    111. CNC Water Jet Cutting Hardened Steel
    112. CNC Water Jet Cutting Services
    113. CNC Waterjet Cutting
    114. Extruded Aluminium Tube
    115. Extruded Aluminium Tubes
    116. High Nickel Alloys
    117. High Performance Alloys
    118. High Performance Nickel Alloys
    119. Metal Manufacturing
    120. Nickel Alloy
    121. Nickel Alloy 625
    122. Nickel Alloy Bar
    123. Nickel Alloy Flat Bars
    124. Nickel Alloy Plate
    125. Nickel Alloy Rods
    126. Nickel Alloy Stockholders
    127. Nickel Alloy Stockist
    128. Nickel Alloys
    129. Nickel Alloys Bars
    130. Nickel And Titanium Based Alloys
    131. Perforated Aluminium
    132. Precision Drawn Aluminium Bars
    133. Seamless Steel Tubes
    134. Seamless Tubes
    135. Special Aluminium Extrusion
    136. Special Aluminium Profiles
    137. Square Stainless Steel Tubing
    138. Stainless Steel
    139. Stainless Steel & Aluminium
    140. Stainless Steel 304
    141. Stainless Steel 316
    142. Stainless Steel Bar
    143. Stainless Steel Bars
    144. Stainless Steel Channels
    145. Stainless Steel Coils
    146. Stainless Steel Plate
    147. Stainless Steel Products
    148. Stainless Steel Rod
    149. Stainless Steel Sheet
    150. Stainless Steel Sheet Metal
    151. Stainless Steel Sheets
    152. Stainless Steel Square Bar
    153. Stainless Steel Stockholder
    154. Stainless Steel Stockholders
    155. Stainless Steel Stockholding
    156. Stainless Steel Stockholding Stainless Steel Stockists
    157. Stainless Steel Stockists
    158. Stainless Steel Suplliers
    159. Stainless Steel Supplier
    160. Stainless Steel Suppliers
    161. Stainless Steel Tube
    162. Stainless Steel Tube Supplier
    163. Stainless Steel Tubes
    164. Stainless Steel Tubing
    165. Titanium
    166. Titanium Aerospace Plates
    167. Titanium Aerospace Sheets
    168. Titanium Alloy Plate
    169. Titanium Alloy Sheet
    170. Titanium Bar
    171. Titanium Bars
    172. Titanium Flat Bar
    173. Titanium Plate
    174. Titanium Rod
    175. Titanium Rods
    176. Titanium Round Bar
    177. Titanium Sheet
    178. Titanium Sheets
    179. Titanium Stockholder
    180. Titanium Stockholders
    181. Titanium Stockist
    182. Titanium Stockists
    183. Titanium Supplier
    184. Titanium Suppliers
    185. Titanium TI6Al4V
    186. Water Jet Cutting
    187. Water Jet Cutting Brass
    188. Water Jet Cutting Bronze
    189. Water Jet Cutting Hardened Steel
    190. Water Jet Cutting Servces
    191. Water Jet Cutting Service
    192. Waterjet Cutting
    193. Waterjet Cutting Aluminium
    194. Waterjet Cutting Metal
    195. Waterjet Cutting Stainless Steel
    196. Waterjet Cutting Steel


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