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Common Workplace Health & Safety Accidents

AW Safety Management Ltd News and PR from AW Safety Management Ltd - Published 13 January 2022 A new year is here and with that comes a review of last year's workplace accidents.
Accidents have always been an issue for businesses and their staff with hundreds happening per year, so it’s good to know that prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the HSE reports that the rates of self-reported non-fatal injury to workers were showing a downward trend.

Although this is a positive it is important to remember that anyone can be part of an accident at work. To ensure all risks are evaluated and adhered to, we take a look at the most common work place accidents.

The Stats Are In
According to the HSE, slips, trips or falls on same level account for 33% of workplace injuries for 2020/2021, making it the most common injury at work. These injuries are often caused by poor housekeeping, which includes but is not limited to uneven floor surfaces, wet or slippery floors or trailing wires.

In 2022/2021, 18% of non-fatal injuries were due to Handling, lifting or carrying. Overexertion and incorrect manual handling can cause sprains, muscle pulls and back injuries. With manual handling training these can be avoided.

10% of injuries were the result of a Moving Object. It is important to always have adequate storage and ensure all staff stores items safely whether it is in an office, warehouse or factory.

Although we like to think this would not happen in our company, Acts of Violence actually account for 8% of non-fatal injuries in 2020/2021. Work place tensions can rise and it is ideal to have a plan for work place grievances to help avoid any violent outbreaks.

Finally, 8% of the non-fatal injuries 2020/2021 were due to Falls From a Height with the highest cause being falls from ladders although falls can also be from vehicles and steps. This is usually due to lack of safe access. To make it as safe as possible, it is best to try and eradicate the need to work as height where possible.
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8% of the non-fatal injuries 2020/2021 were due to Falls From a Height

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