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Aqua Dynamics Newsletter September 2013

Aqua Dynamics Ltd News and PR from Aqua Dynamics Ltd - Published 13 September 2013 Each and every month Aqua Dynamics releases a Newsletter detailing what we've been getting up to... Sign-Up at www.aqua-dynamics.co.uk for all the latest news, reviews and promotional giveaways...
Interlocking Polypropylene Logo Floor Tiles.

We have been working with the World's No.1 Interlocking Floor Tile Company ECOTILE to develop and manufacture various brand and company logos that we carefully Waterjet cut from there 500mm x 500mm x 7mm Polypropylene interlocking floor tiles. This process usually begins with a request from our customer to create a CAD design from a high res JPEG of the logo in question. We then import our CAD design into the Waterjet's machining software to create a file that we can cut from. Different colored tiles are cut with a 0.35mm Offset meaning that the positive and negative Waterjet cut parts all slot back together perfectly! As you can see from the pictures the results are fantastic!

Here at Aqua Dynamics we pride ourselves on being a sub-contract service and our doors are always open to anyone & everyone that has a requirement or creative idea that can be brought to life by the WaterJet cutting process.

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