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Newsletter - February, 2014

Aqua Dynamics Ltd News and PR from Aqua Dynamics Ltd - Published 18 February 2014 Water Jet Cut 'Voronoi' Balustrade.
We have been working closely with Heat Architecture who have come up with this spectacular design for a staircase Balustrade. The image has been created from a sample that's been cut from 10mm Aluminium. As you can see most of the Aluminium has been cut away by the Water Jet process leaving a pattern. Called a Voronoi Pattern - it is formed by randomly placing a series of points on a surface and drawing lines equally spaced between all the points. Think of soap bubbles colliding as an example in nature - but the pattern is found on giraffes and butterflies.

The aluminium sheets, which are yet to be finished will be cut and then Powder Coated in a clear lacquer before being shipped for installation as a staircase balustrade on one of Heat Architecture's projects.
Think of soap bubbles colliding as an example in nature...

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