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    Aqua Dynamics Ltd

    Aqua Dynamics Ltd - Waterjet London Cutting Services

    Aqua Dynamics Ltd provides a full CAD/CAM design and waterjet London cutting service for all materials from Composites for the Aerospace, F1, Power Boat and Leisure industry to Stone cutting and etching in Granite, Marble, and Porcelain. Ferrous as well as non ferrous materials for general engineering as well as Stainless Steels for Architectural and Construction work can be profiled quickly and accurately without the heat affected edge associated with Laser or Plasma cutting. Glass, Ceramics and Precious Metals can be cut and inlaid with perfect precision for Signs, Company Logos and Decorative Murals making it possible to create 2D or 3D images. Material thicknesses up to 180mm are suitable in flat sheet and in the case of 3 dimensional parts; larger materials can also be accommodated.

    Dynamic Tilting Head Machine

    Aqua Dynamics Ltd offers a Tilting Head capability allowing the natural edge taper on the part to be eliminated in even the thickest of materials creating a perfectly square smooth cut that requires no further machining. The Tilting Head also allows for taper to be introduced when required for closely fitted parts for inlay purposes and in addition the Dynamic Head is suitable for 3D programming and terrain following in 3 dimensional components requiring edge profiling or thru cutting. A fourth Theta axis is available allowing for cylindrical and tubular components to be machined and rotated at the same time.

    Capacity and Location

    Materials up to 3M x 1.5M can be accommodated on the table with a defined cutting area of 2.4M (8�) x 1.2M (4�) with a powered �Z� height of 180mm (7��). Larger materials may be possible with specialist work holding provided the material thickness is not prohibitive. Lifting capacity for materials is up to 4 Tons and where convenient Aqua Dynamics is able to source and supply materials to customer requirements. Shipping and transportation is usually at cost although many customers prefer to visit or make their own arrangements from our conveniently located premises in London close to the M25 and M1 at J21.

    Stone Signage

    Water Jet Cutting lends itself to endless applications and Signage in Stone is one particular possibility with which no other machining process can contend.

    To the right is an example of a beautifully crafted Limestone & Slate house sign that we manufactured. Our 'Omax 55100' machine is equipped with a 'Tilt-A-Jet' that allows us to alter the angle of the cutting head and produce the 'Plug's' seen here cut in Slate with an offset of 0.02mm. As a result the Slate 'Plug's' slot perfectly into the cut Limestone before being back filled with resin to produce this timeless sign that will last for many a year to come.

    Why not get in contact and explore the opportunities for creating bespoke stone signage for your property whether it be commercial or residential.

    Tongue & Groove Vented Porcelain Facades

    Last month we took on the challenge set by our customer M Price Limited who are market leaders in the aluminium curtain walling, window and multi material facade industry. The task was set to design a CAD file from which we could Water Jet cut slots in these double skinned pre-molded Tongue & Groove Porcelain tiles that will be installed as a building Facade in London for Barratt Homes.

    We carefully cut the slots from front to back through the void's running horizontally in the center of the tile being careful not to damage there internal structure. The finished product provides an aesthetically pleasing & functional product that our client is extremely happy with. Yet another manufacturing challenge resolved by Aqua Dynamics!

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