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Sustainable Packaging Success

Charpak Ltd News and PR from Charpak Ltd - Published 18 November 2019 As a Founding Member of The UK Plastics Pact, Charpak Ltd are actively involved in the systematic change of this world-first initiative to transform the plastic packaging system.
We are ensuring that packaging is recyclable, and recycled - working collaboratively with our clients, NGOs, Local Authorities and industry associations.

Charpak is committed to providing more sustainable packaging solutions that minimise environmental impact. The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle hierarchy is part of our corporate ethos and DNA.

Not only do we reduce the amount of plastic used, we design and manufacture recyclable packaging, which is manufactured from up to 90% recycled plastic.

In the last 12 months alone, the Charpak team are proud of our Top 10 achievements

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Been awarded the accolade of SME of the Year at the UK Packaging Awards

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