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Straightforward solutions to aid recycling

Charpak Ltd News and PR from Charpak Ltd - Published 11 April 2019 An easy way to increase plastics recycling rates in the UK is to improve messaging on the packaging itself.
Charpak actively encourage clear and simple messaging to help improve recycling of all packaging, and particularly plastic packaging. To encourage reduction, reuse more recycling plastics can become a resource, rather than waste.

The durable, lightweight material can be cleaned, re-processed and re-manufactured into new packaging or a new product.

- Charpak believe Designing for Recyclability is crucial for all brands, retailers and packaging producers.
- Charpak packaging is manufactured from either a recycled grade plastic, or is fully reusable and recyclable.
- In 2017 alone over 7 million plastic bottles were recycled and remanufactured into Charpak products. What was once a bottle or a tray is recycled, reused and remanufactured into new packaging.

One of the biggest barriers for consumers to aid recycling is when there's no plastics packaging symbol, or clear on pack recycling message. With over 380 local authority councils and a diverse range of waste collection streams across the UK, confusion has never been greater.

The Government's new Resources and Waste Strategy aims to deliver a consistent national system which will help reduce waste and increase recycling. But brands, retailers, manufacturers and producers need to take responsible action, and aid behaviour change.

Charpak are committed to finding sustainable solutions and clearly emboss plastic resin symbols and a recycling message on their rPET plastic packaging.

This requires no additional labelling, and by keeping solutions simple this clear message can be included on the base, side or lids of packaging.

One easy way to help UK businesses and consumers recycle more, reduce waste into the environment and encourage the reuse of existing resources. Contact Charpak to find out more about their environmental commitments and recyclable packaging solutions.
The durable, lightweight material can be cleaned, re-processed and re-manufactured into new packaging or a new product

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