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Ryan’s Apprenticeship Summary and Q&A

Company Cards Limited News and PR from Company Cards Limited - Published 05 November 2018 ince starting my apprenticeship a year ago, I have had the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills, including managing administrative tasks and handling customers.
These skills have allowed me to be more confident at work, and I know that even on the busiest days I am capable at handling the increased workload. The units that I focused on for my apprenticeship were all related to the tasks I took on, or assisted with, at work; such as stock checking, minute taking and invoicing, which was really useful.

The company has been great in supporting my progress. As an apprentice, I have had plenty of guidance from my co-workers, and even now as an employee IÂ’ll bug them with my questions. Working at Company Cards has definitely improved my work ethic; my colleagues are all so hard working and down to earth, and I try to emulate that.

IÂ’ve had a very productive year that has been crucial to my professional development, and feel better equipped for whatever might come next!


Apprenticeship start date: 17/07/17

Apprenticeship Title: Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Apprenticeship duration: 1 year

Here is a little bit more about me and my role at Company Cards LtdÂ…

What I have learnt during my apprenticeship: IÂ’ve learned how to work as part of a busy office team

What I love about my job is: Clearing my desk after a busy day

My typical day consists of: Paperwork, invoicing, handling customers, and dealing with the website, as well as a range of other tasks to deal with as they come.

When I get to work the first thing I do is: Organise and prioritise my workload.

The key items on my desk are: My plant! (and my computer)

If I won the lottery I would: Get a new car or two

I wonÂ’t leave the house without: My car keys

What makes a good film for me is: An interesting plot – and anything that isn’t Harry Potter.

I canÂ’t live without: Amazon Prime

My favourite season is: Winter

My favourite food is: Mac n cheese
The company has been great in supporting my progress

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