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10 reasons why our RFID Cards are a good idea

Company Cards Limited News and PR from Company Cards Limited - Published 31 July 2017 RFID cards are among our most popular products here at Company Cards. We get a variety of enquiries daily; here are just 10 reasons why you should come to us for your RFID Cards!
1. We use the highest quality materials.
2. You are not restricted to one type of chip technology
3. The technology we use is secure
4. Our account handlers are incredibly helpful and will talk you through the process
5. We print to the core of the card, therefore artwork remains secure during use
6. You can include additional features to enhance the artwork without effecting the technology such as signature panels and foiling
7. We offer dual technology for anyone looking to combine technologies
8. The cards are sealed between PVC laminate making them even more durable
9. We can produce hard copy proofs to be tested beforehand
10. We have a skilled team to assist with any question you have regarding the technology.

Should you have any RFID card requirements we would be happy to answer any questions.

Contact us today on [email protected] or 01744 815 475
We use the highest quality materials

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