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Introducing ‘The Company Cards Group’

Company Cards Limited News and PR from Company Cards Limited - Published 03 February 2017 Many may be aware that Company Cards now consists of four divisions. For those who are less informed, here is a quick breakdown of the growth of The Company Card Group.
Our plastic card manufacturing and digital print division are the longest running sectors within the business, celebrating their 20th birthday this year. ‘Company Cards’ manufacture an assortment of plastic card products, whilst ‘6 Colour Digital’ produce a range of printed products, some of which complement our plastic cards, such as card carriers and direct mail.

In early 2016 Company Cards joined forces with another local business, Finishing Touch. A strategic partnership which was offered due to the long term business relationship we have had with Finishing Touch over 15 years or more. This move further supported the products and services available at both companies, enabling us both to offer a full package overall.

Having witnessed a growing need for short run ID cards, Company Cards then decided to invest in a new online platform, enter ‘The Plastic Card Factory’. The Plastic Card factory has been live for almost three years, surpassing its total every month so far. Consistently asking for feedback, to ensure that customers have a service tailored specifically to their needs.

At this moment in time we are immensely proud of the products and services each division has to offer and the success of the company as a whole. Therefore throughout 2017 you will be able to attend our Open Year. We encourage you to visit us and see all aspects of the company as we continue to tailor our services to suit your needs.

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