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TD4+ adds more lifting capacity to heavy-mattress beds

Linak-UK Ltd News and PR from Linak-UK Ltd - Published 26 April 2018 A variant of the LINAK dual actuator TD4 for comfort beds creates an extra option.
The dual actuators TD4 Standard and TD4 Advanced have gained a couple of siblings. The TD4+ Standard and the TD4+ Advanced expand the LINAK portfolio and enables you to use the flagship dual actuator in heavier bed designs.

“The market constantly changes and we have experienced an increasing demand for a dual actuator for big beds with heavy mattresses. That is why we now offer the TD4+ with increased lifting capacity while maintaining the great features we introduced along with the TD4 series,” says Anne S. Møller, Product Manager, LINAK HOMELINE®.

TD4+ comes with all the known TD4 features
Both the TD4 Standard and the TD4 Advanced have a lifting capacity of 4,500 N. With the TD4+ versions this increases to 6,000 N on the backrest, making it possible to smoothly adjust big beds with heavy mattresses too.

Apart from that, nothing else will change about the TD4. The plus-version comes with all the known features, such as Under Bed Light and mechanical emergency lowering. As usual the TD4 is PVC-Free™ and features LINAK ZERO™ Technology to ensure low standby power consumption. Because of the integrated Bluetooth® technology in the TD4 we also offer several wireless hand controls. You can even control the bed with the Bed Control App.

“The TD4+ will be equally easy to mount, by welding the universal twist brackets onto the bed frame and simply using the two closing devices to mount the TD4,” says Anne S. Møller. “In other words, the TD4+ also has all the great features as the original TD4, but it just expands the number of options you have available”.
lifting capacity of 6,000 N the TD4+

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