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Adjust your office desk using the Desk Control App for smartphones

Linak-UK Ltd News and PR from Linak-UK Ltd - Published 26 April 2018 The LINAK Desk Control™ App makes it possible to adjust office desks with a smartphone.
Are you ready to go digital? Connect your smartphone with your office desk using the LINAK Desk Control™ app. Explore a wealth of functions and get motivated to get the most out of your sit stand desk.

Apps on our mobile devices make our lives easier throughout the day. For the modern office worker, we created the Desk Control App for Android and iOS devices. The app aligns the personal settings of the user (e.g. favourite desk heights) and enables the user to move freely between office desks with app compatible LINAK systems. With the smartphone, the user is able to carry his personal desk settings everywhere he goes.

Connect your smartphone with your desk via Bluetooth
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology is the bridge connecting the Desk Control App on the user’s mobile device with his office desk. Depending on the office desk, the user connects either to the Desk Panel (e.g. our advanced DPG Desk Panel series with integrated Bluetooth) or to the LINAK CBD6S Control Box using a LINAK Bluetooth Adapter.

To start using the smartphone for desk adjustment, all the user needs to do is:

Download the free Desk Control App in the App Store or Google play
Turn on Bluetooth on his smartphone
Open the Desk Control App
Connect to his desk

Desk control appSit/stand position memory and reminder function
Naturally, the user can adjust his desk up and down with the Desk Control app. In addition, he can define and save his favourite sit/stand positions and use the reminder function, which is included in the app. It will remind the user to stand up and change his position, while he works at his office desk – he can choose his own intervals or use the predefined intervals. The app synchronises the memory positions that are stored in the Desk Panel and vice versa.

Automated drive for DPG Desk Panel users
If a desk has an advanced DPG Desk Panel model in a full version installed, it is possible to activate the automated drive function, making it even easier to adjust the height of the sit stand desk. A double tap upwards or downwards of the DPG makes the desk go to your preferred height. A simple touch to the smartphone screen also does the trick - just one-touch-go!
Connect your smartphone with your desk via Bluetooth

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