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    Linak-UK Ltd

    Manufacturer & Supplier of Electric Linear Actuators

    Our main aim and mission is to provide people with actuation solutions that improve the working environment and peoples quality of life. Within our core segments we have become the global leaders in both the manufacture and supply of innovative electric actuator systems.

    Established in 1976 we have many years experience within the industry and have grown rapidly over the years expanding across Europe, the US, China, Japan and India. We are a well established international company an a leader in both the design and manufacture of electric linear actuators.

    Below are some of the business areas our products work for:
    Hospital Applications

    Within the healthcare sector increased efficiency is always a requirement; we provide linear actuator solutions to help improve healthcare and hospital equipment with reliable, safe lifting capacity and movement. Our focus within this sector is to improve the comfort of both the carer and the patient providing lifting columns, actuators, control boxes and controls.

    Hospital Applications
    For Hospital Applications Click Here
    Desk Solutions

    LINAK provide a wide range of height adjustable furniture making the work place adaptable to the user. Our Deskline range will help you create ergonomic comfort that can be fitted easily to all kinds of worktables, desks and counters. Our actuated solutions can move and improve a wide range of workstations for many different applications like offices, industrial workbenches, kitchens and much more.

    Desk Solutions
    For Desk Solutions Click Here
    Industrial Automation Solutions

    Our Techline range of electronic linear actuators can be used to provide safe, clean and simple movement on all kinds of equipment and machinery. No matter what industry you are in LINAK can manufacture actuator solutions even for the most rugged and rough conditions. We are also able to supply smooth controlled automation for all manner of equipment.

    Industrial Automation Solutions
    For Industrial Automation Solutions Click Here
    Comfort Furniture Applications

    LINAK even provide innovative solutions for home use with our range of electric actuator systems that can be fitted to most beds allowing a silent and smooth differentiating your bed and turning your visions into reality. We are able to incorporate the solutions in to both slatted and box spring beds providing you with added comfort in your own home. For detailed information on everything we have to offer please continue to our website.

    Comfort Furniture Applications

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    Products and Services

    1. Actuator
    2. Actuator Assemblies
    3. Actuator Assembly
    4. Actuator Cordsets
    5. Actuator Dampers
    6. Actuator Maintenance
    7. Actuator Mounting Kits
    8. Actuator Overhaul
    9. Actuator Repair
    10. Actuator Springs
    11. Actuator UPS
    12. Actuators
    13. Air Actuators
    14. Angle Through Valves
    15. AOV Actuator
    16. Ballscrew Actuators
    17. Beryllium Copper Actuator Stems
    18. Centrifuge Actuators
    19. Chain Actuator
    20. Control Boxes
    21. Control Valve Actuators
    22. Damper Actuators
    23. Direct Current Valve Actuators
    24. Dispensing Actuators
    25. Dual Actuators
    26. Electric Actuator
    27. Electric Actuators
    28. Electric Linear Actuator
    29. Electric Linear Actuators
    30. Electric Linear High Specification Actuators
    31. Electric Valve Actuator
    32. Electric Valve Actuators
    33. Electrical Actuators
    34. Electro Hydraulic Actuators
    35. Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
    36. Electromechanical Actuators
    37. Electronic Actuators
    38. Electronic Turbo Actuator
    39. Engine Valve Actuators
    40. EU Actuators
    41. Explosion Proof Actuators
    42. Fail Closed Electric Actuators
    43. Fail Safe Electric Actuator
    44. Fail-Safe Actuators
    45. Failsafe Actuators
    46. Fast Acting Electric Actuators
    47. Feedthroughs
    48. Flexible Air Actuators
    49. Flexible Pneumatic Actuators
    50. Floating Actuators
    51. Flow Control Actuators
    52. Fluid Power Actuators
    53. Gas Over Oil Actuators
    54. High Speed Actuators
    55. HV Fittings
    56. HV Flanges
    57. Hydraulic Actuator
    58. Hydraulic Actuators
    59. Hydraulic And Pneumatic Actuators
    60. Hydraulic Valve Actuators
    61. Industrial Valves And Actuators
    62. Intelligent Actuators
    63. IP67 Electric Actuators
    64. Isolating Valve Actuators
    65. J&J Actuators
    66. Lifting Columns
    67. Linear Actuator
    68. Linear Actuator Manufacturer
    69. Linear Actuator Manufacturers
    70. Linear Actuator Supplier
    71. Linear Actuator Suppliers
    72. Linear Actuators
    73. Linear Actuators - Linear
    74. Linear Drives
    75. Linear Electric Actuators
    76. Linear Hydraulic Actuators
    77. Linear Valve Actuators
    78. Linear Window Actuator
    79. Long Stroke Hydraulic Actuators
    80. Low-Noise Hydraulic Actuators
    81. M12 Actuator Cordsets
    82. M12 Passive Actuator Distribution Boxes
    83. M8 Actuator Cordsets
    84. M8 Passive Actuator Distribution Boxes
    85. Magnetic Actuator
    86. Magnetic Actuators
    87. Manipulation
    88. Medical Actuators
    89. Miniature Actuators
    90. Modulating Actuators
    91. Modulating Control Valve Actuators
    92. Modulating Electric Actuator
    93. Modulating Valve Actuators
    94. Multi-Turn Valve Actuators
    95. Multi-Voltage Electric Actuator
    96. Multi-Voltage Electric Actuator 24-240V
    97. Needle Valve Actuators
    98. Nuclear Actuators
    99. Omal Valves And Actuators
    100. Part-Turn Actuators
    101. Passive Actuator Distribution Boxes
    102. Piezo Actuators
    103. Plastic Actuator
    104. Plastic Actuators
    105. Pneumatic Actuator
    106. Pneumatic Actuator Seals
    107. Pneumatic Actuators
    108. Pneumatic Valve Actuator
    109. Pneumatic Valve Actuators
    110. Positioning Actuators
    111. Power Actuators
    112. Pressure Measurement
    113. Prisma Actuators
    114. Process Control Actuators
    115. Pumps
    116. Quarter-Turn Valve Actuators
    117. Rack Actuators
    118. Rack Pinion Actuators
    119. Rotary Actuator
    120. Rotary Actuators
    121. Rotary Damper Actuators
    122. Rotary Drives
    123. Rotary Valve Actuators
    124. Single Phase Valve Actuators
    125. Smart Actuator
    126. Smart Electric Actuator
    127. Smart Linear Actuators
    128. SoftShut Gate Valves
    129. Solenoid Actuator
    130. Solenoid Actuators
    131. Special Purpose Actuators
    132. Stainless Steel Actuator
    133. Stainless Steel Actuators
    134. Straight Through Valves
    135. Submersible Electric Actuator
    136. Submersible Electrical Actuator
    137. Subsea Actuators
    138. Thermal Actuator Adaptor Rings
    139. Thermal Actuators
    140. Three Phase Actuators
    141. Transfer Devices
    142. Transport Devices
    143. Traps
    144. Turbo Actuator
    145. UHV Fittings
    146. UHV Flanges
    147. Ultrasonic Actuators
    148. Underground Actuators
    149. Underwater Actuators
    150. Valpes Actuator
    151. Valpes Electric Actuators
    152. Valve Actuator
    153. Valve Actuators
    154. Valves And Actuators
    155. Vane Actuators
    156. Viewport Shutters
    157. Watertight Actuators
    158. Weatherproof Electric Actuator
    159. Weatherproof Electrical Actuator
    160. Window Actuator
    161. Window Actuators
    162. Window Actuators Controllers

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