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Suzuki C&M McDonald

Sign Specialists Limited News and PR from Sign Specialists Limited - Published 14 March 2017 For more than 30 years Sign Specialists Ltd has worked side by side with Suzuki G.B PLC on the development of their car showroom signage.
For more than 30 years Sign Specialists Ltd has worked side by side with Suzuki G.B PLC on the development of their car showroom signage. During this time, we have designed, manufactured & installed signage at over 250 sites across the UK, most recently in Scotland for the C&M McDonald dealership, possibly our best Suzuki installation to date.

The initial stages of installation required an extensive survey of the showroom in order to fully understand the possibilities; detailed drawings of the site were then produced so that concepts could be created. Based on our design drawings, Suzuki were able to see exactly how their signage would look once installed. On many occasions, including this one, suggestions or alterations are made to the concept in order to ensure both parties are 100% happy with the final representation.

Once approved by Suzuki, we began the manufacturing process which involved the creation of fifteen individual signs, both internal and external. Unlike most Suzuki projects, where signage is fitted to a flat fascia’s, C&M McDonalds’ are curved meaning individual letters had to be crafted. As a result, three sets of built up LED letters representing the Suzuki logo were created along with 3 sets of C & M McDonald letters – all would then be securely fitted, individually, to the showrooms fascia’s.

Following on from this we created the showrooms centre piece; a 3.9m x 3.5m freestanding entrance statement that will welcome visitors into the building. Crafted from aluminium, it houses an internally lit Suzuki logo along with high quality acrylic plaques to display showroom opening times. In addition, we created two further aluminium fascia panels that attached onto the showrooms’ outer brick work; again, both internally illuminated to showcase the Suzuki logo. Situated inside the showroom, three curved wall mounted signs were fitted, along with window vinyl’s that run the entire length of the showroom.

During the day, the external signs are clearly visible from the highway, spanning the entire length of the building. At night, the illuminated external signs light up the area brilliantly, showcasing the Suzuki brand to all that pass by.

As a result of the hard work put in by all involved in the project, the entire showroom was completed on time and according to specification. Our client Suzuki Motors are extremely pleased with the job, and this project can be considered a major success due to the great team effort by Sign Specialists Ltd.

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