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Sign Specialists Limited News and PR from Sign Specialists Limited - Published 16 December 2015 Sign Specialists were approached to design and manufacture a canopy and projecting sign to be installed at a refurbished office block in the centre of London.
It brought to the fore our skills at achieving bespoke solutions encompassing customer original desire in terms of look and feel and the forward thinking practicalities of installation. Due to the site location and its limited access, we had to provide a solution where the canopy could be supplied more or less in one piece to minimise disruption, with a durability and lightness in weight to make installation as speedy and efficient as possible (overall size 2460 x 1400 x 1145mm) This involved close consultation with the architect and the recommendation that the originally specified stainless steel letters and frames be substituted with a more lightweight aluminium alternative. Perspex diffuser panels were used to achieve an even light spread on all elevations (other than the top) including the underside. This was then installed to the underside of an existing concrete overhang where the recording of accurate measurements was essential at initial survey to ensure the canopy fitted exactly

The projecting sign had to have a narrowness in width relative to its overall size but with an even light spread so there was no shadowing. The principle in design was similar to the canopy in terms of materials for lettering and the perspex diffuser panels to ensure consistency of the brand.

Both signs were installed well ahead of schedule and to the clients delight.
The projecting sign had to have a narrowness in width relative to its overall size

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