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A busy day in the dispatch department

WES Limited News and PR from WES Limited - Published 09 December 2016 A Busy day at WES with the dispatch of a Heatsan 400 integrated hot water sanitation unit that heats water received from a reverse osmosis water purification system.
An extended DS5000 ‘Antifoam’ unit for delivery to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works Thermal Hydrolysis Plant (THP), a plc controlled WES Standard product adapted to house 7 off motorised Durapipe valves for distributing anti-form chemical to 6 off digesters and a centrifuge.

2 off DS1500 WES Standard products for delivery to Teeside’s centre for Process Innovation (CPI) to dose phosphoric acid and a Mg/K solution at rates down to 0.003l/Hr.

And finally a WES DosingCube™ for Thames Water Utilities with a Grundfos DDI60-10 pump capable of delivering 0.075 – 60l/Hrs and featuring a flow paced discharge and leak detection with automatic shutdown.
Unit destined for delivery to Purite

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