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Another diverse project for WES

WES Limited News and PR from WES Limited - Published 17 May 2016 WES has secured a valuable order for one of the UKís most interesting new biotechnology projects, based at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) on Teesside.
US biotechnology company Calysta has developed an innovative process to produce a single cell protein agri-feed ingredient from methane gas. The rapidly-growing aquaculture (farmed fish) industry presently relies heavily on fishmeal and soya, wheat or corn as the food source.

Calysta’s FeedKindTM protein is manufactured using a natural process similar to the production of yeast-extract sandwich spreads and offers significant advantages over conventional feeds. It requires almost no agricultural land, no fertilisers or pesticides, very little water and places no demand on wild caught fish. Studies based on criteria such as growth performance and animal health have confirmed the nutritional value of the feed, which already has EU approval for use as a feed ingredient in aquaculture and a variety of land based animals.

This Calysta project is intended to develop the production process for the protein further and to support the overall commercialisation of FeedKindTM. Cheshire-based consultants Otto Simon Ltd are acting as the client’s process engineers for the project and they selected WES as their dosing equipment partner for the various chemical compounds required. WES will design and supply ten tank/dosing systems, comprising both standard and bespoke products, for both indoor and outdoor locations.

Construction of the new gas fermentation loop reactor began in January 2016, and is the first phase of a planned £30million investment.
WES has secured a valuable order for one of the UK’s most interesting new biotechnology projects

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