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The R7 office regeneration

Interflow UK News and PR from Interflow UK - Published 09 August 2016 The R7 office regeneration, which is part of the much larger King’s Cross revival, aims to support new businesses and assist growth of the area.
A range of InterflowÂ’s solutions were specified for the project including DOYMA pipe sealing systems.

Designed by Duggan Morris Architects, R7 is a multipurpose building that can contain small and growing companies as well as larger occupiers requiring an entire floor or more. Over ten floors, R7 integrates shared spaces to encourage collaboration and community, including a 6,000 sq ft communal roof terrace.

DOYMA is the very best in German engineering. Sealing points of entry at the wall to permanently prevent any infiltration of gases and water into the building, and the DOYMA products are guaranteed for 25 years.

Wherever service ducts are installed DOYMA duct sealing systems are the undisputed greatest seal against liquids or humidity. DOYMA duct sealing systems prevent structural damage whilst ensuring professional and perfect sealing.
Contractor Mitchellson Formwork worked with Interflow to find the best solutions and opted for the DOYMA Curaflex pipe sleeve – 3000 and 3000T – as well as the 3001 DOYMA Curaflex pipe sleeve. Also specified was the DOYMA Curaflex 5000 pipe sleeve system.

Interflow supply and install key specialist services to commercial, industrial and residential developments. For more information on the pipe sleeves and duct sealing systems that they offer why not visit their website?
DOYMA is the very best in German engineering

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