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The original is still the best from Interflow

Interflow UK News and PR from Interflow UK - Published 20 July 2016 The original FRANK puddle flange was developed and patented over 30 years ago but is still regarded as an industry leader.
The puddle flange is a sealing system adopted in millions of buildings and structures all over the world and the FRANK range is available from Interflow.

FRANK puddle flanges are suitable for all smooth-walled pipes in steel, plastic, stoneware, concrete and cast iron from d20 to d3200.

Specifically designed for the pressure-tight installation of pipes through concrete walls, foundation plates and manholes, FRANK puddle flanges are pressure-tight up to 10 bars, preventing the ingress of pressing water, diffusing media, such as radon, as well as hydrocarbons like oil and petrol.

The FRANK puddle flange is an extremely flexible product available in a range of versions; it is the easy-to-install, perfect solution for any application and is the cost effective alternative to conventional sealing systems.

Installing a FRANK puddle flange from Interflow takes only a few minutes. It is manually fitted over the pipe and secured with the supplied clamping bands as described in the installation instructions. A screwdriver can be used to install the clamping band on pipes of up to 315 mm diameter while for larger sizes a clamping tool is freely available on loan.

FRANK puddle flanges are not designed to serve as anchor points for pipes. For strong PE or PP wall ducts, FRANK offers special sections with single-end or double-end flanges.

Standard FRANK puddle flanges are made in EPDM, which is chemically resistant to a wide range of acids and bases and offers outstanding weather and ozone resistance. For applications involving oil and petrol environments, FRANK puddle flanges made in NBR are the recommended option.

Interflow has 25 yearsÂ’ experience in supplying and installing quality stainless steel solutions for service ducts, air cleaning and filtering, and in-floor drainage. The company is the UK installer and distributor of a specialist range of products for the built environment, designed to enhance, add value and increase sustainability across commercial and public sectors, thereby helping customers save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Interflow provides a full specification service for architects, consultants, contractors and MEP engineers, and has a successful track record in supplying high-profile projects.
Interflow has 25 yearsÂ’ experience in supplying and installing quality stainless steel solutions

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