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Elliott (an Algeco Company) News and PR from Elliott (an Algeco Company) - Published 21 April 2016 We are pleased to announce Tony Fisher as the Elliott Employee of the Year for 2015.
Tony is a Regional Service Engineer based in Thurrock and his story is one of outstanding courage and bravery and he tells us below what happened on site one day which led him to be a worthy winner of the award.

"I was attending a customer site and was standing fairly closely to an electrical sub-station. There was only me and a few others on site that day including two customer employees. Both of them went in to the sub-station and then I heard an explosion and saw a big flash. Seconds later the two lads came running out and they were on fire.

I could see how bad it was and without really thinking about it, I did what I could to put the flames out. One of the lads was really bad and I asked one of the other men on site to get me loads of water. I had recently completed my First Aid at Work training and remembered the best way to help stop infection was to keep pouring water over the burns. I told someone to call 999 and I just kept pouring the water over the lad while we waited for the emergency services to arrive. He collapsed in my arms and I thought at that point he had died but thank goodness that wasn't the case; he had gone into shock.

I just did what I could until the paramedics arrived and then they took over. That was it really. I don't think I did anything that others wouldn't have done in the same circumstances"

Lee Newman, Elliott CEO said, "I am not only impressed with Tony's bravery and courage but also his unassuming modesty. Remaining calm throughout and his quick thinking ensured the person's injuries were contained and in every likelihood, Tony saved his life. All of the Elliott Directors including myself truly believe Tony Fisher is a most worthy winner of the Elliott Employee of the Year Award for 2015 and we are exceptionally proud that he is an employee of Elliott"

Our photograph shows Tony Fisher receiving his Elliott Employee of the Year award for 2015 from Elliott CEO, Lee Newman.
I am not only impressed with Tony's bravery and courage but also his unassuming modesty

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