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Elliott Secures £15m Mcdonalds Framework Extension

Elliott (an Algeco Company) News and PR from Elliott (an Algeco Company) - Published 06 May 2015 McDonalds UK has extended its trading agreement with Elliott for a further 12 months in a deal worth around £15m.
Elliott initially secured a two year framework agreement with McDonalds UK in 2012 worth £10m.

This initial contract involved designing and building both single storey and new two storey McDonaldÂ’s restaurants.

During the last two years Elliott has demonstrated how it is prepared to work in collaboration with McDonalds to develop new designs and realise efficiencies wherever possible.

Recent innovations include a new two storey restaurant that is capable of accepting 160 covers, a first in the UK.

“This contract extension demonstrates the trust and confidence that McDonalds UK has in Elliott's ability to support their restaurant programme,” said Bertrand Quenot, Managing Director at Elliott. “We are committed to providing the best service to McDonalds and are continually looking at ways of improving overall project delivery performance.”

The single and double storey McDonaldÂ’s volumetric units, produced and installed by Elliott, are notable for numerous innovations, such as lightweight structure and micro concrete floors.

With over 90% of the units completed in ElliottÂ’s own off-site facility work on site takes only a matter of a few weeks. McDonaldÂ’s St Helens, the latest new restaurant to be supplied by Elliott, was trading in less than 5 weeks from installation beginning on site.

Another key benefit to McDonaldÂ’s UK is that the Elliott volumetric units are produced under strict off-site controlled conditions. This means that they are able to meet McDonaldÂ’s exacting quality standards and that this remains consistent across all new restaurant sites.

Over 40 members of McDonald’s staff including Board Directors recently visited Elliott to view a ‘restaurant of the future’. The restaurant was fully finished and underwent a thorough inspection by both the delegation and Subject Matter Experts.

Elliott has over 50 years of delivering innovative off-site design and build solutions and is able to help clients achieve the highest environmental ratings and carbon neutrality.
This contract extension demonstrates the trust and confidence that McDonalds UK has in Elliott

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