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Elliott Hands Over Keys On £5.9m Hospital Project

Elliott (an Algeco Company) News and PR from Elliott (an Algeco Company) - Published 06 May 2015 Elliott has completed the £5.9m design and build of the Staff Accommodation Block at Peterborough City Hospital in just 22 weeks from delivery of the final module.
Utilising its innovative modular construction system, Elliott handed over keys to the four storey building on time and within budget.

Medical students, nurses and other hospital staff are currently moving into the 111 single en-suite rooms.

An Elliott modular solution was selected for this development principally because of its appealing modern aesthetic and bespoke design capabilities, combined with a high quality, state-of-the-art fit-out.

The aesthetic appeal and quality of the completed building was felt to be an effective way of attracting more medical students to work in the city in the future, ultimately benefiting the population in and around Peterborough city.

ElliottÂ’s innovative design and build modular solution maximised efficiencies by quality controlled manufacture and a reduced on-site installation time, helping achieve the value for money criteria on this project.

Caroline Walker, acting chief executive at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said “The new accommodation block offers our staff good quality accommodation at the City Hospital site. We like the fact that the building has been created in a modular design because that means it will be easier to extend in the future, if necessary.”

Elliott has incorporated a wide range of sustainable and eco features into the design, such as increased levels of insulation, low-energy lighting, energy efficient heating systems, water-saving technology and high levels of natural daylight.

The building has a 60 year structural design life with a 25 year structural warranty.

Bernard Quenot, Managing Director of Elliott, said “We have a long track record of providing high quality building solutions on time and within budget. More customers are choosing our modular solutions first and foremost because they look appealing to potential occupants as well as the fact they perform over the long term”.

Elliott has over 50 yearsÂ’ experience of delivering innovative design and build solutions and is able to help clients achieve the highest environmental ratings and carbon neutrality. The company is able to act as concept designer and Principal Contractor to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation.
The new accommodation block offers our staff good quality accommodation at the City Hospital site

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