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Dewatering Anaerobic Digestate – By Centrifuge

Euroby Limited News and PR from Euroby Limited - Published 20 January 2016 The rise in recent years in the number of “AD plants” in the UK and elsewhere has verged on the exponential.
In tandem with this the nature of the feedstock fuelling these operations has increased in diversity – and consequently - the resultant digestate.

We see Municipal Solid Waste, “food waste”, specially grown crops, animal slurries – you name it all with their share of unknown ingredients.

In the euphoria of calculating just how much money will be made by these ventures – the fate of the digestate and effluent is often dismissed as a secondary issue.

Each application demands careful consideration in choice of machine components - from bowl geometry to scroll design and wear protection, this can be achieved through experience but it is much better if a sample is available for mechanical and chemical testing in the laboratory.

Fortunately Euroby, sole Agents for Flottweg SEÂ’s range of high performance decanters is better equipped than most to cope with the demands of our clients.

Key to this are the core features of Flottweg decanters: Robust design - Duplex steel bowls and scrolls throughout the range, the Flottweg Simp Drive® which allows independent control of scroll and bowl speeds to produce consistent high cake solids despite varying feed characteristics. High solids are crucial to the efficiency of the cake as a fertiliser or fuel, and in reducing transport costs.

AD is about producing energy – not using it - and Flottweg’s machines are designed for very high efficiency, the latest innovation being Recuvane® which is a retrofittable system which harnesses the energy from the centrate discharge to further reduce power consumption by up to 20%.

And last – but certainly not least, These machines offer unparalleled abrasion resistance thanks to a variety of scroll flight treatments, and on-site replaceable hard metal or ceramic inserts in other key wear areas.
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Each application demands careful consideration in choice of machine components

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