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Food for thought!

Euroby Limited News and PR from Euroby Limited - Published 20 May 2016 Euroby proudly bill ourselves as "leaders in the wastewater industry" but we are really underselling ourselves.
Sure we make equipment for dewatering sludges - all the nasty bits from effluent treatment plants - both water and Industrial applications, but there is much more to us than just clearing up everyone's mess - though we are very good at it...

Do you know that in the UK we help make your coffee? Extracting the very last drops of flavour from the bean to make maximum use of this valuable crop, and speaking of crops - what about apples? Yes we are involved in making various fruit - and hop - based beverages, juice, beer, wine - you name it!

Some more exotic food products come into our field of expertise - avocado oil, flax, lupin seeds and Soy beans to name a few.

Fish get a look in too, purifying fish oil for Omega 3, which incidentally you can get from algae - we do that too, along with other nutraceuticals.

Then there's a trend for energy produced from Anaerobic Digestion plants - naturally we are there, as we are for the Mineral Oil and Biofuels industry, with a range of machines for creating the purest products at every stage of production.

Of course, plastics are made from oil, and we can separate the recyclables for reuse with our Sorticanter©- or we can be involved in the dewatering of plastic beads during the manufacturing process.

Dewatering creates an effluent, and if needed we can treat that too with a range of Submerged Aeration Systems tailored to your requirements to reduce the pollutants in the waste stream - and your disposal costs,

Then last but not by any means least - look out for Oxfiniti - a highly mobile and ultra-efficient way of getting large amounts of oxygen just where you need it - and keeping it there, at very low TOTEX

We have a system we can put on any site you wish to help with your ailing ASP, or to cope with a seasonal high load, or as cover while you refurbish your plant, only you wonÂ’t want to give it back!
Do you know that in the UK we help make your coffee?

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