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The Bisley Solution To Lean Manufacturing

Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd News and PR from Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd - Published 02 September 2015 Performing at optimal efficiency is essential at identifying and shortening processes that effect product value and add unnecessary cost to the business.
Just like Bisley, many organisations are adopting the lean principal to eliminate unwanted waste, downtime and inventory. Establishing such a methodical lean structure is essential in maintaining product value, decreasing retrieval times and keeping all tools within sight.

One aspect of lean manufacturing has been to identify and adapt the way in which industrial storage is integrated into the workplace. There is no set rule with how storage should be implemented through lean management. However its recognized purpose is to organize tools and equipment in a way that complements the workplace’s existing operations and processes. A lean storage solution should provide quick to hand retrieval and maintain a high level of content security.

Making the right decision by choosing the correct type of industrial storage can be helped by understanding lean methodology. Through flow processes map out a production line and identify how the workstation, the machine and the operator work together. Analyzing each individual workstation on its individual merit means storage products can be implemented specifically for that workstation, subsequently improving upon existing work processes.

Output efficiency is an essential lean principal whereby downtime of a machine and operator is reduced. Having next tool to hand for the shortest tool change, for the longest working time on a machine is only solved through easily identifiable, easily accessible and organized tool storage.

Having storage assigned to an individual makes it easier for them to find the tools and equipment they need for their job. More and more industrial workplaces are tailoring their storage solutions through the concept of mobile storage as the operator moves round the factory. Mobile tool cabinets can be tailored to the operator but implemented into a complementing workstation of drawer cabinets and cupboards. This means when operator’s change over they only take with them their individual mobile cabinets, with the knowledge that they will fit into the space of the previous operator at their new workstation.

Bisley’s industrial storage solutions that can help your businesses increase capacity and decrease operational costs. Bisley ToolStor products meet your lean storage needs through the knowledge that our products are manufactured through the same lean standards as a leading European steel storage manufacturer.
Bisley’s industrial storage solutions that can help your businesses increase capacity and decrease operational costs

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